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Primeval Labs ApeSh*t Test Is More Than Just A Health Support Supplement

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Primeval Labs is known for its hard hitting pre workouts. Along comes ApeShit Test. Primeval Labs decided it was time to bring their A game to the testosterone market. With a scientifically backed formula and dosages there are no shortage of reasons to try this. From increasing sex drive and libido, to enhancing cognative function and muscle mass. Primeval Labs really crushed it with this one.

Primeval Labs Apesh*t Test Supplement Facts

ApeSh*t Test from Primeval Labs is a natural men’s health product designed to help improve natural testosterone levels. At 1 serving equaling 4 pills, it might sound like a lot. But this guarantees that you get every one of these ingredients in a scientifically dosed amount in every single serving.

Vitamin D3 – 80mcg

ApeshitTestSFPKnown as the “sunshine vitamin,” Vitamin D3 plays a critical role in bone metabolism, and it also impacts immune function and hormone production in the body, including anabolic hormones like testosterone. Studies indicate that vitamin D3 supplementation(suggested at 800iu per day) improves upper and lower muscle strength as well as power output. Deficiencies in vitamin D are associated with increased risk of bone breaks, muscle weakness, and low testosterone.

Zinc – 20mg

Zinc is another essential mineral involved in hormone production as well as immunity. Deficiencies in this mineral are known to adversely impact hormone levels in the body (testosterone in particular) as well as increase the risk for infection. Zinc supplements have been noted to help support free and total testosterone levels in elite athletes after exhaustive exercise. The National Institute of Health suggest 40mg of Zinc per day as the upper limit so here at 20mg per serving you’re right in the middle. 

Fenugreek Extract – 600mg

For centuries, fenugreek has been used to support testosterone, libido, and overall metabolic health. The plant is rich in two very specific families of compounds(steroidal saponins and glycosides) which have been shown to exhibit beneficial effects on male hormone status. Studies also indicate that fenugreek supplementation may support greater free testosterone as well as reductions in body fat. Studies show that 500-1000mg per day is recommended, with a serving size of 600mg you get all you need.

Ashwaganhda Extract – 600mg

Ashwagandha has been used for centuries to naturally aid levels of energy, libido and vitality. Thanks to its adaptogenic properties, ashwagandha also offers stress-relief benefits.  Chronic stress can result in prolonged elevations in the stress hormone, cortisol, and chronically elevated levels of cortisol are known to adversely impact testosterone production, impede muscle growth, and encourage fat storage. Ashwagandha may help promote a healthy stress response by supporting the body’s ability to encounter and recover from stress, thereby helping modulate cortisol levels and promote a more favorable hormonal environment. Science shows that doses around 600mg are where you will see the most benefit from this ingredient. This is perfectly formulated to give the customer the right amount daily.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract – 500mg

Few plants are more closely associated with virility, libido, and all out manliness than Tribulus Terrestris. Doesnt sound like much, but Tribulus has a long history of use in ancient medicine in Greece, China and India (Ayurvedic medicine) as a natural solution for infertility, impotence, erectile dysfunction, and low libido. Similar to fenugreek, tribulus contains numerous chemical compounds, among which the best known are steroidal glycosides (saponins) and alkaloids, that are believed to be responsible for the beneficial effects of the botanical. Studies also show that it takes around 750mg per day to increase sex drive in men so this is a tad underdosed per those studies but thats not to say that you wont benefit from 500mg aas it could still raise your baseline.

Organic Maca Powder – 500mg

Used for thousands of years for nutrition and to enhance fertility, MACA is an intriguing plant that also offers a number of important stress-relieving qualities. As you know, chronic stress sabotages natural testosterone production, leading to reduced sex drive and performance (both mentally and physically). MACA may help combat the testosterone-depleting effects of chronic stress while supporting fertility, libido, and sexual desire. It may even serve as a potential cognitive enhancer as the plant has been noted to improve learning, memory, and performance. While some scientist suggest 3-9grams per dose, it has been shown that lower doses also work well when used in conjunction with some of the other ingredients listed here.

Longjack Extract – 150mg

Longjack has a long history of use in Traditional Medicine as a natural means to boost lidibo. It goes by several other names including Eurycoma Longifolia and Tongkat Ali. Studies indicate that Longjack supports hormone regulation and erection quality, and it may also improve sexual stamina. Additional research suggests that the centuries-old botanical may support greater free and total testosterone levels due to its ability to help reduce cortisol levels as well as its ability to promote anti-estrogen effects, encouraging an ideal hormonal environment for muscle building. Same as the Maca Powder, studies show recommended doses around 2-400mg but since this is used in conjunction with other ingredients that increase libido, no as much is needed.

Pine Bark Extract – 150mg

Pine bark extract is a rich source of procyanidins and phenolic acids. In addition to its beneficial effects on nitric oxide and blood flow, studies indicate that the bioactive compounds naturally present within pine bark may exert a beneficial effect on erectile function as well as testosterone levels. Scientist have proven that the dosages here are going to vary depending on weight so at 150mg per serving, its covering a wide range of individuals.

Boroganic Glyceine – 10mg

This one is pretty simple but very effective, Boron is an important trace mineral needed for healthy bones, central nervous system function, and healthy inflammatory response. It also helps the body absorb other minerals, including calcium, magnesium, copper, and phosphorus. Along with all the above it also promotes cardiovascular health and a healthy hormone production. This is also needed for a healthy cellular and organ membrane function. Studies show that you can take up to 3g per day by mouth and still be considered in the “safe zone” so at 10mg per serving you are getting just enough to cover the basics from this one.

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Primeval Labs ApeSh*t Test Final Takeaway

Primeval Labs did an amazing job formulating a product that could benefit men of all ages. Take charge of your health and add these to your daily stack. Very excited for a healthy natural way to increase all aspects of your life.

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