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AstroFlav Brings the Heat with their MetaBurn AM Metabolism Booster

By November 21, 2023No Comments

As weight loss supplements continue to become more and more popular, AstroFlav brings the heat with their MetaBurn AM Advanced Metabolism Booster. This product is loaded with ingredients that increase thermogenesis, a major tool aiding in weight loss. MetaBurn utilizes a couple different mechanisms to support helathy weight levels, so let's take a deeper look at what makes this product so effective.

AstroFlav Metaburn AM Supplement Facts

AstroFlav Metaburn is a day-time fat burning product with a formula that may help you achieve more weight loss.

AstroFlav Metaburn AM SFPMitoBurn – 500mg 

MetaBurn kicks off with the ingredient MitoBurn, which is pure L-BAIBA. L-BAIBA is an amino acid and metabolite of L-Valine that is produced from muscles during exercise; because of this, it is coined as an “exercising factor”. It’s mechanism of action is pretty interesting, as it aids in the “browning” of white adipose tissue, AKA unwanted fat. Brown adipose tissue (BAT) is highly thermogenic and increases both metabolic rate and fat oxidation. This increase in energy expenditure helps to create a calorie deficit and thus, aid in weight loss. MitoBurn also plays a role in insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance, which are both factors in weight management.

Celastrus Paniculatus Extract 10:1 – 250mg

Celastrus Paniculatis, also known as “The Elixir of Life” (not sure why, but take my word for it) is a plant based extract that’s typically used in dietary supplements for its nootropic effects. However, research done in animal studies suggests it may aid in weight management by 1) lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) levels and 2) increasing healthy cholesterol (HDL). It does so by promoting the actions of lipoprotein lipase and plasma LCAT; this enhances synthesis of hepatic bile duct acid and thus, increases the breakdown of cholesterol. 

Caffeine Anhydrous – 175mg

Everyone’s favorite focus enhancing, energy providing central nervous system stimulant! Caffeine anhydrous is very well known throughout the industry, as it is the purest caffeine source on the planet offering 100% caffeine by mass; so in the case of MetaBurn, this formula provides 175mg of caffeine. It is backed my many, many studies and enhances energy levels, focus, thermogenesis, and performance in the gym. It is potentially the most consumed supplement ingredient in the world, but why is it in a weight management product? Well for starters, caffeine increases thermogenesis and to keep things simple, increases metabolism. This increase in metabolism helps create a calorie deficit, which is the one and only way to to lose weight. Caffeine is also stimulatory in nature and helps to suppress appetite and furthermore, helps create a calorie deficit.

Innoslim – 125mg

Ah, NuLiv Science’s popular weight management ingredient! Innoslim is quite a unique ingredient; it takes glucose and drives it into fat cells which increases a hormone called adiponectin. This increase in adiponectin kickstarts AMPK activation, which is essentially your bodies “on” switch that controls fat burning state. Innoslim basically overloads your fat cells with adiponectin to activity the AMPK enzyme. Neat? Neat! To note, a clinical dose for Innoslim is considered 250mg, so this comes in a bit sub-therapeutic.

Infinergy Di-Caffeine Malate – 50mg

Di-caffeine malate is the second caffeine source present in MetaBurn; it provides longer lasting energy and is 75% caffeine by mass. At 50mg, this provides another 37.5mg caffeine. Di-caffeine malate helps to offset that ever-so-dreaded crash many experience post workout. It poses similar benefit to caffeine anhydrous, boosting energy, thermogenesis, and focus. Like caffeine, it increases metabolic rate and acts as an appetite suppressant; two mechanisms that aid in weight loss.

Rauwolfia Vomitoria – 1.5mg

Derived from the bark of the West African Yohimbine Tree, this stimulant pairs well with caffeine and increases thermogenesis. It is gram for gram one of the strongest stimulants on the market, which is why only 1.5mg is contained in this formula. Rauwolfia doesn’t necessarily induce fat loss, but rather prevents the body from stopping fat oxidation. This mechanism keeps your body in “go mode” and allows fat oxidation to constantly be in motion; because of this, Rauwolfia pairs very well with other thermogenic ingredients.

Astragin – 50mg

Astragin is a patented, plant based compound created by NuLiv Science that provides “full gut support” through a variety of mechanisms:

  1. enhanced nutrient absorption
  2. microbiota viability
  3. immune cell viability
  4. promoting healthy intestinal wall environment

Astragin essentially works by increasing the number of transporter proteins present to carry nutrients to the intestinal wall, which are then absorbed by the body. Studies show that it significantly increases the absorption of amino acids, primarily arginine. In fact, it has studies both in vitro and in vivo that support this finding. It also has data supporting the absorption of histidine, lysine, glucose, folate, creatine, agmatine, beta-alanine, choline, citrulline, BCAAs, and carnitine. To keep it simple, it makes your entire formula more effective and bioavailable.

Bioperine – 10mg

Another bioavailability enhancer, Bioperine increases nutrient absorption, most notably Curcumin. It also has been shown to enhance nutrient absorption through thermogenesis. Think of it like this; your body uses nutrients based off its needs. When your body is in a thermogenic state, its burning through more nutrients. Bioperine enhances the bioavailability of those nutrients, which makes them more readily available to be utilized by the body.


MetaBurn AM is available on AstroFlav's website for $54.95 currently. There is a subscription service available for purchase that does offer a 5% discount; this includes the option of ordering every 30, 60, or 90 days. MetaBurn comes in pill form, with two capsules being the recommended serving size. There are 30 servings per product.

Final Takeaway

MetaBurn AM is a very solid weight management product. It is relatively lower in stimulants and packed with ingredients that work together to optimize weight loss. It's nice to see a weight management pill that isn't loaded with gray area stimulants like DMHA, Higenamine, etc. With New Years resolutions right around the corner, now is a great time to try out this product and experience its benefits for yourselves! At the time of this article, I have not been able to try it out for myself, but the product is on the way!

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