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RYSE Pump Daddy V2: The Father Of Pumps

RYSE Pump Daddy V2

Ryse certainly has been killing it in the past few years. With great collabs and solid formulas, they are certainly at the top when it comes to pre-workouts. 

Now while most use their Loaded Pre, they do have some other popular pre-workout formulas, such as their Godzilla pre-workout. Well recently, Ryse launched their two new LOADED pre-workouts Stim Daddy and Pump Daddy V2. These are collaborations with their most popular influencer Noel Deyzel, and they really outdid themselves on these formulas. 

Today, we’re going to look at the profile of Pump Daddy V2, and give you a good reason why it is one of our top rated pump products.  

(For this article, we will be going by the 2 scoop serving size)

RYSE Supplements Pump Daddy V2 Ingredient Profile

One of the most loaded non-stim pump formulas on the market, we take a deep dive into RYSE’s Pump Daddy V2.

L-Citrulline – 9,000mg

RYSE Supplements Pump Daddy V2Citrulline is the precursor to L-Arginine in the body, which in turn increases nitric oxide levels. What does this all mean in simple terms? You get a bigger, fuller pump. While many companies are using the less expensive Citrulline Malate (that’s another conversation), Pump Daddy V2 uses pure Citrulline at a dosage that is nearly double the recommended dose. 

FIt Butters

You get 9,000mg, which is a good chunk more than the average 3g-5g.

Beta-Alanine – 6,400mg

Another addition is Beta-Alanine, which is no surprise. Beta-Alanine is pretty much the most common ingredient in pre-workouts these days. While many simply take Beta-Alanine for the paresthesia, it actually has benefits beyond the “tingles”.

Beta-Alanine to put it simply, buffers lactic acid during exercise. This means it may aid in overall endurance. It is a saturation based ingredient, so we recommend supplementing with it on off days as well. 

At 6.4 grams, Beta-Alanine is double the standard 3.2g on the market. We like this, as you can  reach saturation quicker, and even 1 scoop gives you a clinical dose.

Creatine Monohydrate – 5,000mg

The longest studied form of Creatine, Creatine monohydrate is the most commonly used amongst gym users. The use of Creatine monohydrate helps with your production of ATP in your muscle cells leading to increased recovery, and strength. 

With the use of creatine monohydrate also helping with hydrating your muscle cells, this can help with more muscle growth, decreased dehydration and cramping. 

You get 5,000mg of Creatine monohydrate in Pump Daddy V2, which is the daily recommended dose.

Betaine Nitrate (NO3-T®) – 5,000mg

Nitrates are one of the best ways to get a pump, and honestly, there is pretty much nothing in the supplement space that comes close. It is actually by far our favorite ingredient in terms of getting a pump here on FI, so it is great to see 2 grams of the tried and true Betaine Nitrate. To put it simply, Betaine Nitrate will help dilate your blood vessels, which will in turn aid with bloodflow, performance, and pumps in the gym.

At 2 grams, you are getting a good dose. 

VasoDrive-AP – 508mg

VasoDrive-AP is a great ingredient to see in here, and it is one with good research behind it. It is actually a derivative of Casein, and has been shown to lower blood pressure, in doses as low as 150mg per day. Certainly a solid and expensive ingredient to add to this.

At 508mg, it is dosed well.

CitraPEAK® – 200mg

CitraPEAK® is a pump ingredient that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. It is an antioxidant sourced from citrus fruit extract, and may aid with vasodilation. The active ingredient is known as Hesperidin.

You get 200mg in Pump Daddy V2, which is a good dose.

AstraGin® – 50mg

AstraGin is from NuLiv Science and is a popular bioavailability enhancer. It helps increase the expression of mRNA transporter proteins, which help transport nutrients to the bloodstream. 

At 50mg, you are getting a clinical dose.

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Final Takeaway

The original Pump Daddy was #1 on our Pump formulas ranking guide for a reason. Well this one fixes the clumping issue and smell issue some were experiencing with that formula, all while still delivering a massive pump. 

If you like experimenting with non-stim products, this is certainly one to try out. Not only is the profile loaded, the flavor is not bad either, and it will deliver!

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