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Taste Flavor Co.: Delicious Low Calorie Sauces

Taste Flavor Co.

Everyone thinks they are eating healthy, until they add the condiments. Condiments are used on almost anything. What are french fries without ketchup? A salad without ranch? Chicken without BBQ sauce? Many people do not realize just how bad many of your traditional, mainstream condiments are. The desire for better options is what drove the Taste Flavor Co. to be born. A healthy take on gourmet sauces without sacrificing flavor and taste.

Taste Flavor Co.

The Taste Flavor Co. was created specifically to fill a need in the health and fitness world. With bodybuilding comes sacrifice. A lot of sacrifice. Every rep counts. Every calorie counts. Every opportunity to improve matters. As a bodybuilder you sacrifice your time, your comfort and your favorite foods to achieve the ultimate physique on stage. The Taste Flavor Co. believes you should not have to sacrifice delicious flavors in your food selection as part of this grueling process.

Yes, there are other low or no calorie condiments on the market today, but with a catch. Either they are filled with chemicals and artificial ingredients that no one can pronounce, or they taste awful. Why do we need to do one or the other? The answer is that we don’t. The Taste Flavor Co. uses minimal ingredients in their sauces but promises delicious flavors.

The Taste Flavor Co. makes three delicious all-natural sauces that contain only 10 calories per serving. Why sacrifice taste for health when you don’t have too. The current lineup of sauces include Spicy Garlic Parm, Cherrywood Chipotle BBQ and Cilantro Lime Ranch. The brand will continue to rollout new all-natural sauces that will only contain 10 calories per serving. 

Taste Flavor Co. Sauce Comparison

The Taste Flavor Co. currently has three delicious, all-natural sauces in market. As mentioned earlier they are Spicy Garlic Parm, Cherrywood Chipotle BBQ and Cilantro Lime. Why choose these over the common choice in the category? For starters, they are all-natural and not filled with unnecessary fats, carbs and fillers. Let’s take a moment to dive into each of the flavors.

Taste Flavor Co. Spicy Garlic Parm

Taste Flavor Co Spicy Garlic ParmTaste Flavor Co. Spicy Garlic Parm may be the best of the three flavors. It is creamy and rich in flavor. The spice level is not too high, but there is a light spice to the sauce that makes it really enjoyable. The hint of garlic and parmesan makes this sauce amazing on popular dishes like chicken, ground turkey and beef.

The ingredients are all-natural and simple. We start with water, cayenne pepper and parmesan garlic flavor. This really is the basis of this product. Spicy Garlic Parm from Taste Flavor Co. is also gluten-free.

The macros are, per 1 tbsp:

Calories: 10
Fats: .5g
Carbs: 1g
Protein: 0g

As a comparison, we looked at the popular Buffalo Wild Wings Spicy Parmesan Garlic sauce. The macros of this sauce, per 1 tbsp are:

Calories: 25
Fats: 2g
Carbs: 2.5g
Protein: 0g

The clear winner on macros, and flavor in our opinion, is the Taste Flavor Co.

Taste Flavor Co. Cherrywood Chipotle BBQ

Taste Flavor Co Cherrywood Chipotle BBQTaste Flavor Co. Cherrywood Chipotle BBQ is right up there with Spicy Garlic Parm. Hell, some of you may even like this one better. There is a nice deep smoke flavor to this sauce that makes it very enjoyable. The issue with many BBQ sauces on the market is they use a lot of brown sugar or other sweeteners which raise up the carb count. The Cherrywood Chipotle BBQ sauce from Taste Flavor Co. also has hints of cherry which makes it great on chicken and burgers.

The ingredients used in Taste Flavor Co. Cherrywood Chipotle BBQ are all-natural again. In fact, you should be able to pronounce them all! The first three ingredients are water, tomatoes and vinegar. It also includes red bell pepper, smoked paprika, salt, lemon juice, onion powder, garlic powder and cherry powder. Yes, it does include Xanthan Gum for a thickening agent.

Taste Flavor Co. Cherrywood Chipotle BBQ is also gluten and dairy-free.

The macros are, per 2 tbsp:

Calories: 10
Fats: 0g
Carbs: 3g
Protein: 0g

As a comparison, we looked at the popular Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce. The macros of this sauce, per 2 tbsp are:

Calories: 70
Fats: 0g
Carbs: 18g
Protein: 0g

As you can see, Sweet Baby Rays uses brown sugar which increases the carb count. Taste Flavor Co. is able to create an amazing tasting BBQ sauce that is still only 10 calories.

Taste Flavor Co. Cilantro Lime Ranch

Taste Flavor Co. Cilantro Lime RanchTaste Flavor Co. Cilantro Lime Ranch may be the most popular flavor that resonates with consumers. Who doesn’t love ranch?! The issue with ranch is the fat content; it is always so damn high. Cilantro Lime Ranch is a delicious flavor that can add much needed flavor to popular items like kitchen, or even a Mexican dish. This sauce is tangy and sweet with the lime and the ranch working together to make a solid sauce.

Cilantro Lime Ranch is a gluten-free, low carb and low calorie sauce option using all-natural ingredients. The first ingredients used are water vinegar and buttermilk solids. There is also whey protein concentrate used, but not at enough of a level to register on the nutrition facts panel. Salt, lime juice and garlic are also used. The ingredient list is short, compared to many of the ranches on the market.

The macros are, per 2 tbsp:

Calories: 10
Fats: 0g
Carbs: 2g
Protein: 0g

We were going to compare this to Hidden Valley Ranch, but figured it would be more fair to compare it to a popular, organic Cilantro Lime Ranch from Tessemae’s. Their macros are, per 2 tbsp:

Calories: 170
Fats: 19g
Carbs: 1g
Protein: 1g

These macros are out of this world crazy! If you’re on contest prep we know you would like those 160 calories back, and those 19g fats (peanut butter anyone?!) The clear cut winner is Taste Flavor Co. Cilantro Lime Ranch.

Final Takeaway

With us being on contest prep, these have been an injection of fun back into our food. The amount of chicken consumed along this prep has been crazy, but Taste Flavor Co. has made it not just tolerable, but enjoyable. Taste Flavor Co. has put the joy back into food when it comes to contest prep.

It is important to note that these sauces are NOT just for bodybuilders, but anyone who is looking to make health conscious decisions. The reduction of calories while not sacrificing flavor is key. Taste Flavor Co. has created a line of sauces that anyone can and should enjoy.

You can buy each sauce individually or you can buy it in a starter pack which includes all three. This is our recommendation. Continue to follow Fitness Informant Instagram for update on the Taste Flavor Co. and new flavors.

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