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MPA Supps HeartSolve: Stay On Top Of Your Heart Health

mpa supps heartsolve

MPA Supps is a brand that makes some impressive products. CelluVol is one of the strongest pump supplements on the market, Cortisolve provides a great dose of Phosphatidylserine, and Iso-Poofs were the first protein cereal on the market that was an actual… protein cereal. 

The brand really knows how to make impressive products, which is why we are here today to bring you an overview on HeartSolve, a cardiovascular health supplement with an impressive profile. Let’s go over the profile, and why you should consider adding HeartSolve to your supplement cabinet.

MPA Supps HeartSolve

MPA Supps HeartSolve is a comprehensive formula formulated to protect your most important vital organ: your heart. This product should be consumed daily by many people within the fitness community, especially those who partake in the hardcore side of bodybuilding.

What’s In MPA Supps HeartSolve?

HeartSolve uses trademarked ingredients at clinical dosages to provide one of the most comprehensive, complete heart formulas on the market today. Let’s break down each ingredient and the dosage.

BergaMonte® (30% Bergamot Polyphenic Fraction) – 500mg

Citrus Bergamot is a solid ingredient, and is one of the best ingredients for healthy cholesterol levels. MPA Supps uses a trademarked form of it, and it has a high standardization of flavonoids, the active ingredient in Citrus Bergamot. 

In a study done on 98 old adults, Citrus Bergamot was shown to be beneficial for lowering LDL Cholesterol (the bad cholesterol), when compared to a placebo. This study also showed that Citrus Bergamot may be good for blood sugar levels as well. 

At 500mg, It is dosed well in HeartSolve. 

Benolea™ (Olive Leaf Extract) – 500mg

heart solve mpa suppsBenolea™ is a trademarked ingredient, and is essentially Olive Leaf Extract. Olive Leaf Extract is a natural source of Oleuropein, the active compound in Olive Leaf Extract that provides all of the benefits. 

Olive Leaf Extract has been shown to be beneficial for lowering blood pressure. One study  was done on subjects with stage 1 hypertension. Olive Leaf Extract was dosed at 500mg, 

twice a day in one group, while the other group received 12.5mg of Captopril daily. After 8 weeks, Olive Leaf Extract was shown to be as effective as Captopril at lowering blood pressure, and unlike Captopril, was shown to reduce triglyceride levels. 

The studied dose is 500mg, twice per day. You are getting 500mg per day. While it is half the dose done in the study, Olive Leaf appears to work better the longer your use it, so there should be some benefit when taken overtime. Also, there are other ingredients in here which may aid in blood pressure, such as the next ingredient.

MegaNatural®-BP (Grape Seed Extract) – 300mg 

Next up, we have another trademarked ingredient called MegaNatural®-BP, which is Grape Seed Extract. MegaNatural-BP is a patented ingredient, and is a blend of seeds from wine and juice grapes.

In a double-blind, placebo controlled study, 3 groups took either 300mg of Meganatural BP, 150mg Meganatural BP, or a placebo. At the end of 4 weeks, Grape Seed Extract was shown to lower blood pressure at both 150mg and 300mg compared to a placebo. 

There are more studies with similar results, so Grape Seed Extract is certainly a great ingredient to have in here.

You are getting 300mg of MegaNatural® BP in HeartSolve, which is the clinical dose. 

Celery 3nB® (Celery Seed Extract) – 150mg

Lastly, we have another trademarked ingredient known as Celery 3nB®. This is Celery Seed Extract, which is a common ingredient for heart health. The active compound in Celery Seed Extract is known as phthalides. 

Celery Seed Extract is a known diuretic. Diuretics are known to be good for blood pressure. To keep it simple, they help your body excrete water and sodium, which in turn lowers blood pressure.

You get 150mg of Celery 3nB® in HeartSolve.

Final Takeaway

This is exactly what we would expect from MPA Supps, a well-dosed product, with multiple patented ingredients, all with proven data behind them. They certainly did not skimp out, and this is something that you should consider taking well before you go and grab the next stim-loaded pre-workout on the market.

We really want to note that keeping your blood pressure in check is very important for overall health. For example, high blood pressure is what really hurts your kidneys in the long run, as it puts constant strain on them. Damage done to your kidneys is usually permanent, so keep them healthy while you can. As you just read, HeartSolve uses some solid ingredients for this purpose, as well as an ingredient beneficial for lowering LDL Cholesterol. 

We highly urge you to consider supplementing with HeartSolve, if you care about your longterm health.

mpa supps heartsolve

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