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Brand Spotlight: Glaxon™

By December 29, 2020January 3rd, 2021No Comments

Glaxon is a brand that really made some headway during the year of 2020. Not only did the brand make a huge impact during the year, they made an impact under some not so perfect circumstances. 

Really, by now you should all know about Glaxon, if you follow us that is. Be ready to hear a lot more from them, because while 2020 was already a great and busy year for them, word on the street is that they have no intentions of stopping. So here is our spotlight, and get ready for more from them.

Why They Won Breakout Brand of the Year

While there were many great brands that really broke out in 2020, we have to admit, Glaxon was the clear winner. Maybe not by a mile, but by a good margin to put it lightly. Not only did they come with cool looking products and funny comics, they also made some noise with how effective their products are. 

While there are a few other brands that grew immensely during 2020, Glaxon seemed to get more attention by simply being different. No big name bodybuilder signed, no basic formulas, no product, not even a protein powder. They simply come out with cool products with some awesome formulas. They will certainly be a brand to watch out for not just in 2021, but also for years to come. Not only that, but they are one of the fastest growing sports nutrition brands out there, with strong data backing this..

For more info on why they won, be sure to check out the link here, and see how they took the industry by storm.


Why Glaxon?

So you may be asking yourself… why Glaxon? Well there are several reasons. We could go on about how they make awesome/effective/interesting formulas, or how their labels are cool. We will however give you a different reason. From all of the brands out there that say they are being innovative, Glaxon is one of the few that is actually doing things differently. So much so that they are able to make simple products effective in different ways.


You can thank a lot of their fun formulas due to Joey Savage. You will find this man making some great content on their site. While many think of the science behind supplements as boring, he actually makes it interesting by explaining his formulas as well as how all of the ingredients work synergistically together. We feel that if it were anybody else it wouldn’t be as fun. Seriously, after this, go check out Joey’s explanation on any of their products, they are somehow entertaining and you learn while doing it.

Another reason why, and this is from the owner himself…

“Why Glaxon? Because no matter what product you choose, you’re choosing something different… something with a little extra. More thought, more research, and a new and refreshing perspective on an idea that’s been looked at the same way for far too long. Sometimes it will be subtle, sometimes it won’t, but the more you buy in and the more you look, you will realize every Glaxon product performs as advertised. 

We don’t promise the moon, but we get damn close every single time. We aim to maximize our vertical intergration not to recoup costs but to push as much that’s new and different as we can. We will be refining all the time. Everything is a beta test for an upgrade.”

Specimen v2

glaxon specimenSpecimen V2 is Glaxon’s pre-workout. Word on the street is, they had no interest in releasing a pre-workout, but due to popular demand simply had to. They had Specimen which is already a hard hitter, and now have Specimen V2, as well as Specimen YoYo. 

Specimen is a hard hitting pre-workout that not only provides some great energy and focus, but with the added Nitrates, provides a great pump as well. 

While there are more than enough pre-workouts, you certainly get a good one here, and you certainly won’t be disappointed as far as energy and pumps go. 

To be clear, the YoYo version has Yohimbine in it, which gives it a bit of an extra kick, and if you like Yohimbine, you’re going to love it. This should certainly be in your pre-workout collection if you want something fun. 


tranquility glaxonTranquility is a strong sleep aid, and we really have to give it to them. Sedative was already a very impressive sleep aid, and we loved it. With Tranquility being the big dog now, it has shown that whatever Joey Savage puts into a bottle, it’s going to work, and they’re going to work well.

Tranquility provides some of the best deep sleep out there, and seems to get better as you use it. It packs a punch with 5 grams of Glycine, which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. You also get a cool interesting ingredient called Lactium, and it has been shown to have relaxing properties.

There is more in here of course, so be sure to check out the review on Tranquility. It is certainly a top tier sleep aid with trying out.


serenity glaxonSerenity is an anti-cortisol product that really is more than a simple Ashwagandha formula. Leaves it to Glaxon to make a powerful formula with nothing more than 4 ingredients, and make it something to look forward to. Only a few other products can make a product that is meant to calm you down exciting. 

Serenity’s 4 ingredients are Phosphatidylserine, Shoden® Ashwagandha, Magnolia, and Quercetin. Phosphatidylserine is already a powerful ingredient, however we have to really look at the Shoden® here. Shoden® is a trademarked form of Ashwagandha, and provides a 35% standardization of Withanolides, which gives Ashwagandha it’s benefits.

If cortisol is something that you want to take care of, while being put in an awesome mood, Serenity is certainly worth experiencing for yourself. 

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Final Takeaway

We haven't ben using Glaxon products long, but boy do we enjoy them. They certainly offer a different kind of experience with their products. Whether it be with niacin flushes, a feeling of well-being with Serenity, or simply a sleep aid that makes you pass out no matter how hard you try to stay up, Glaxon is a brand that you should really go out and try for yourself. Not only are they effective... they are fun.

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