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Brand Spotlight: Muscle Rage

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Muscle Rage

The United States market for dietary supplements has been called the wild wild west. The facts are we can get away with more here. We have bigger, more effective dosages than other countries because we just allow for more (albeit the FDA is cracking down on ingredients that do not have a NDI). There are many bootleggers sneaking US based products into Canada, UK, EU, Brazil, India and many more. To get into foreign countries, US based brands will typically reformulate products to ensure they abide by all the laws. It has been said it is much easier for a US based brand to go abroad, versus a foreign brand to come into our country.

Muscle Rage: UK to the USA

Insert Muscle Rage. Muscle Rage is a brand that was born and raised in the United Kingdom. Their goal has always been to bring consumers the best supplements on the market that will help achieve their goals with a no BS approach backed up by excellent customer service. That tends to sound like a lot of brands "mission" the key is following through on that promise.

Muscle Rage didn't start as a supplement company. They started as a distributor of US based supplement in the UK back in 2013. Brand owner Joe Robson gambled every penny he had at 18 years of age ($4,000) to start Muscle Rage, the distribution company. With a strong belief in his vision, Joe's dad contributed another $4,000 to start the company.

The reason Joe stated Muscle Rage distribution was that the UK was limited in new and exciting brands. There was a lack of distributors bringing in US based brands. Once Joe launched Muscle Rage he became a distributor for Blackstone Labs and IronMagLabs. Through scaling appropriately, the brand became the UK & EU distributor for Blackstone Labs, IronMagLabs, Run Everything Labs and Dynamik Muscle.

Frustrated with the amount of prop blends still in the industry, Joe and his partner Ken decided to launch a pre-workout product. In 2017 Muscle Rage, the supplement company, was born. The brand launched a pre workout, non-stim pre workout, BCAA/EAA and a weight loss supplements. Quickly Muscle Rage started outselling the brands they carried as a distributor. The brand made the decision to go all in on the brand side and focus on brining new, innovative products to market under the Muscle Rage brand name.

In October 2021, the brand launched Muscle Rage USA. They saw the US as the leader in the industry. Joe commented, "In this industry, the rest of the world looks to the US as a leader. Because of this, an additional benefit of a US presence is that it helps a brand grow globally."

In order to understand the US market, Joe leveraged many of the brands and contacts he had here in the states. "Learning from being a US brand distributor for many years, working with hard working US stores, strategizing with our US Manufactures, and of course keeping up to date with Fitness Informant, I feel this puts us in a great position to understand the US market. Plus the rapid globalization of the market in recent years has made the UK and US a lot more aligned than it was when we first entered the industry."

All of Muscle Rage USA products are produced in the USA. The brand continues to work on new innovation here in the US with many opportunities present. Joe stated, "We are currently testing a new product which we aim to launch early 2022. We are extremely excited about this. It’s my favorite product already; it may be our best product ever; it’s so good and I am so excited that its difficult not to give you all the details now."

Muscle Rage

You're probably wondering how a UK based brand is going to keep up with the rapidly changing US market and regulations. The brand has done a good job out of the gate. They have launched a pre-workout supplement called Limitless as well as a gaming supplement called My Mod. We are going to give you a breif overview of these two products now.

Limitless Pre-Workout

It’s pretty standard for a brand to launch with a preworkout supplement in the US. It is one of the hottest categories and an entry point for consumers to your brand.

Muscle Rage LimitlessMuscle Rage Limitless is a fully disclosed pre-workout supplement, something the brand is passionate about. Limitless is a 30-serving pre-workout that is available in four flavors: Combat Cola, Cotton Candy, Cremated Smurf and Fruit Punch. The formula starts with 6g Citrulline Malate. It is unknown if this is a 2:1 or a 1:1 ratio, but either one would yield a good amount of Citrulline. Citrulline is the precursor to Arginine in the body which increases nitric oxide. Beta-Alanine is used at 3.2g, the clinical dosage. This improves muscular endurance. Alpha-GPC, a powerful nootropic, is dosed at 300mg. This is our personal favorite choline molecule here at FI. Caffeine Anhydrous is dosed at 250mg. For those who may think that is not enough, they compliment it with 175mg Eria Jarensis. Combined these two will improve energy, mood, focus and has fat loss benefits. They also use 100mg Di-Caffeine Malate. This yields about 74mg of caffeine, but it is a slower acting caffeine that aids to prevent a crash. Theobromine, which is similar to caffeine in a sense, and works great along side it, is dosed at 75mg. N-Methyltyramine is dosed at 75mg. This is similar to Bitter Orange (Synephrine) that it aids in fat loss and appetite suppression with an improvement in energy. Lastly the formula contains 10mg of BioPerine for absorption.

Overall this is going to be a powerful formula that will boost energy and focus as their primary targets. You should get some additional benefit in pump and endurance as well.

MyMod Total Gaming Support Supplement

COVID impacted the gaming industry in a dramatic way. By dramatic way we mean in a good way. Many brands rushed to launch a gaming supplement to take advantage of this increasing trend. Muscle Rage has a product called MyMod which is a gaming supplement that is well done in the US market.

MyModMyMod is nootropic heavy with energy and blue light combating ingredients. The formula starts with 750mg Tyrosine. Tyrosine is a nootropic ingredient aimed to improve focus and clarity. Alpha-GPC is used at a heavy 500mg dosage. This is a 50% yield so we are getting 250mg active Alpha-GPC. We have seen this as high as 300mg. As mentioned previously Alpha-GPC is a choline molecule that is proven to improve cognition. Taurine is dosed at 500mg. Taurine can help regulate electrolyte. Rhodiola Rosea, an ingredient used to fight fatigue, is dosed at 200mg. Theanine, which helps alleviate anxiety, is dosed at 200mg. There are two forms of caffeine used: Di-Caffeine Malate at 100mg (yields 74mg caffeine) and 100mg of Natural Caffeine for your energy source. NeuroFactor, a nootropic ingredient from CoffeeBerry Extract, is dosed at 100mg. The last ingredient used is Zeaxanthin at 40mg which helps protect us from blue light our screens exude during game play. MyMod also contains BioPerine at 10mg to aid in  absorption.

This is an impressive formula, especially for gamers. This is far more advanced than G-Fuel and others on the market. 

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Muscle Rage Final Takeaway

Muscle Rage is a very respectable brand with their formulas. They have good people at the helm trying to navigate the ship through the rough waters of the US market. The supplements they launched in the US have good formulas, unique flavors (Cremated Smurf anyone?) and a bright future ahead of them.

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