2017 Shield of Excellence Supplement Awards

The 2017 Shield of Excellence Supplement Awards from Fitness Informant looks at popular categories of supplements on the market today. Fitness Informant has chosen 10 categories to represent the inaugural 2017 Shield of Excellence Supplement Awards.

In order to qualify for consideration, the following criteria must be met:

  • Supplement received a FULL review from Fitness Informant in 2017
  • Supplement scored high in their FULL review in every category
  • Supplement must appropriate fit into it’s designated cateogory

Fitness Informant choses the winners of each category. We do this to avoid a popularity contest. Many other awards are given out, but these are based on fake reviews or the amount of votes a supplement gets. In turn, supplement companies offer free product for as many votes as they receive. We don’t believe in that.

NOTE: Supplements NOT reviewed by Fitness Informant cannot be considered for an award. If you’d like to see supplements considered for our 2018 edition of the Shield of Excellence Awards please contact us with that info.

2017 Shield of Excellence

Winners will be announced via YouTube, social media (Facebook/Instagram/SnapChat) and our website on December 17th.

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2017 Shield of Excellence Category Nominees

Pre-Workout of the Year (featuring DMAA or DMHA)

2017 Pre-Workout of the Year w/ DMHA/DMAA

Pre-Workout of the Year (not featuring DMHA or DMAA)

2017 Pre-Workout of the Year w/out DMHA/DMAA