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Black Magic Supply Latest Reviews & News

Black Magic Supply BZRK Review: High Energy and Great Focus
BZRK is a solid pre-workout for those who like a hard-hitting boost of energy before they workout. While some may look at the $50 price point and wonder, just know that even at ⅔-¾ servings work very well and still give you a great tasting, high-energy pre-workout that even delivers a nice pump.
Black Magic Brain Waves Review: A Packed Nootropic Providing Great Focus
Brain Waves from Black Magic is a solid nootropic using a clinical dosage of KSM-66, mushroom and nootropics to deliver a product that works at improving brain functions allowing you to get stuff done when you need to get it done. Brain Waves, albeit uses a proprietary blend, leverages proven ingredients at doses (if you reverse engineer) that are acceptable.