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GHOST Energy Gets Into The Ring with F1RST Wrestling

By September 14, 2021September 16th, 2021No Comments
GHOST Energy X F1RST Wrestling

GHOST Energy is getting into the professional wrestling ring. GHOST Energy has agreed to be a sponsor on the upcoming SOLD OUT F1RST Wrestling WRESTLEPALOOZA event on October 1, 2021 hailing from the legendary First Avenue nightclub in Minneapolis, MN. WRESTLEPALOOZA sold out in less than four days.

First AvenueF1RST Wrestling WRESTLEPALOOZA will be one of the first events GHOST has attached their beverage brand’s name to inside the nightclub/bar scene. F1RST Wrestling WRESTLEPALOOZA is a cult-like event with rabid fans who enjoy professional wrestling, music and burlesque dancing. WRESTLEPALOOZA is a sellout, meaning nearly 1,000 fans will pack the famous First Avenue excited to witness their first WRESTLEPALOOZA event since the COVID19 pandemic started.

GHOST Energy will be sponsoring a ‘Match of the Night.’ No word on participants in the match, or what kind of match it will be, but one things that F1RST Wrestling does is bring the party to Minneapolis.

F1RST Wrestling crowdF1RST Wrestling is one of the most popular independent wrestling organizations in the world. The brand has featured talent the likes of Scott Hall, David Arquette, Orange Cassidy, Ethan Page, Ariya Daivari, Darby Allin, Ruby Soho and many more. No talent has been announced for the October 1st WRESTLEPALOOZA event.

GHOST Energy could position itself as an alternative energy source to the bar going crowd. That market is currently owned by Red Bull and Monster, but GHOST Energy could be poised to make a run at the market with their agreement with ABI (Anheuser Busch In-Bev).

Follow F1RST Wrestling on Instagram and Twitter @F1RSTWRESTLING.

Follow GHOST Energy on Instagram @GHOSTEnergy.

Final Takeaway

Anyone who follows this platform knows that I am involved in the world of professional wrestling. I am not at liberty to discuss if I am involved in this show, but I can tell you it is the most fun you can have as a performer and as a fan and I will support anyway I can. I truly believe that the partnership between both GHOST and F1RST Wrestling is a mutually beneficial agreement that will introduce a whole new audience to the GHOST brand; an audience that just so happens to enjoy energy drinks. Also, getting their feet wet at the bar scene is big for the GHOST Energy brand.

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