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Raze Energy Launching New America Inspired Flavor on the 4th of July

Raze Energy American Inspired Flavor

Raze Energy, the official energy drink of Fitness Informant, will be launching a new flavor this 4th of July. The can features the signature colors of the American flag: red, white and blue. We are being told that this will be a limited edition can, but the flavor, depending on success, could be more than a limited edition.

We are not being told of the name or the flavor at this time. All we know is that Raze is looking to add to their very successful energy drink line this summer. Their most recent launch, Galaxy Burst, has quickly become a best seller for the brand.

More details will be released on this Limited Edition launch over the next several weeks. Sign-up below for alerts to stay up-to-date.

Fitness Informant's POV

Raze Energy just seems to be gaining momentum in the market place. I have some other insider info that may see Raze become even more available here over the summer, time will tell.

In regards to this launch, I think it's great. One of the things that worked really well in the big CPG world is called an in and out i.e. seasonal item or limited edition. These typically do not steal away from your current sales of current SKUs, but actually add to them, which would be a nice revenue bump for the company.

Given that Raze Energy drinks are more fruit-first flavor I have to imagine we may get some lemonade-ish type of a flavor with this one. They have Phantom Freeze which is citrus but they could do a "rocket bomb" type flavor where it combines three fruit based flavors to make it that way. We shall see, but we are excited for this launch!

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