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5% Nutrition To Launch Digestive Defender Kit

5% Nutrition Digestive Defender

The brand which brought us Kill It, Full As F*ck, and countless muscle builders has shifted their attention to expanding their general health line of supplements. 5% Nutrition is taking on general health in a whole new way with the announcement of their Digestive Defender Kit.

5% Nutrition Digestive DefenderThe Digestive Defender Kit will be sold as a kit, not a stack. This mean users will not be able to buy one or the other, they must purchase both in the kit. The kit will include a bottle of digestive enzymes called Diges-TEN. Digestive enzymes have been gaining a lot of popularity due to the copious amount of research around GI health and wellness as it relates to muscle repair, recovery and growth.

The label of Diges-TEN does a very nice job of transparency informing the user what each ingredient is used for. The label breaks out the ingredients by protein, carbohydrate, fat, fiber and milk breakdown ingredients. Users also can see that the formula includes ingredients for general health and digestion.

The kit also includes a probiotic/prebiotic supplement called Probio-75. The 75 indicate 75 billion CFU probiotics per serving. It also includes a prebiotic and gut health fully transparent blend.

The official launch date of 5% Nutrition’s Digestive Defender Kit is tentatively October 7.

Final Takeaway

Good on 5% Nutrition for working hard on formulations to change the perception some may have of the company. Rich Piana was a giant human being with a cult-like following, but he touted some really great information. Yes, we are all well aware of his stance on anabolics, and his line did cater to a specific type of customer, but the longevity of the brand has increased due to the shift in formulation and focus. Yes, they will still have hardcoe products, but it is great to see them coming out with impactful supplements like Digestive Defender.

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