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5% Nutrition’s New 5150

5% has some news for us, and it has to do with their popular high-stem pre-workout. As the title states, their pre-workout 5150 has a new look, and even has a bit of a formula change.

To the right, you can see the profile, which has some solid doses of various ingredients.The energy blend is in a proprietary blend, and has some Yohimbe, which will certainly hit some of you hard. 

Other than that you do see some of the more common ingredients in pre-workouts, including 4 grams of L-Citrulline, and 3 grams of Beta-Alanine.

There is a bit of a nootropic aspect to the profile as well. Choline Bitartrate, NALT and Alpha GPC have al been added, and should certainly help with focus.

The new look is cool, and is certainly going to be attract 5%’s loyal fanbase. Rich Piana is here to stay.

Stay tuned for more info from 5% Nutrition.

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Final Takeaway

That's a pretty cool look to. The change to white from black is a nice touch, and the profile really isn't bad at all. While we would like to see the prop blend go away, as well as the NALT, it should still give users the energy and pumps that they want.

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