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New Look 5% Nutrition Real Carbs Rice Hitting Shelves Soon

By September 30, 2021No Comments
5% Nutrition Real Carbs Rice

5% Nutrition has gone through a complete makeover from the old black labels to the new, attractive white color scheme. Real Carbs Rice, a popular whole foods carb source, is also going through the makeover with our first look at the new labels.

The only thing changing about Real Carbs Rice (and the other variation of Real Carbs) is the look. The formula will remain the same. Real Carbs Rice utilizes RiceBran, TapiOK and oats, while the other variation of Real Carbs uses sweet potatoes, yams and oats.

The new look should be hitting store shelves sometime in October 2021.

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Final Takeaway

Real Carbs has been my go-to lately. I use both the rice variation and the sweet potato variation, love them both. I am glad they are not changing the formula as it is really solid for those of us looking to get more complex carbs in our diet. The new look was very well done, and a much needed improvement over the old black labels.

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