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Alpha Lion Launches Gains Candy MitoBurn™

gains candy mitoburn

Although SuperHuman Burn has been delayed, we do have some good news. Alpha Lion will still be launching a new version of Gains Candy, which was planned to be launched alongside SuperHuman Burn. 

Gains Candy already comes in several versions. It is a standalone supplement with various versions, including S7, TeaCrine, and Dynamine. Well you can now add MitoBurn™ to that list. MitoBurn™ is a new ingredient from NNB Nutrition, and is an interesting approach to fat loss. 

It’s a perfect product to add to your fat burning stack, and with cutting season right around the corner, this product should be well-received, despite these hard times.

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Fitness Informant's POV

While we are disappointed at the delay for SuperHuman Burn (not a knock on the company, we are just upset), this product should be a great way for some of you to figure out whether or not SuperHuman Burn will be worth it for you. MitoBurn™ is a new, very interesting ingredient, and we look forward to seeing how to works as a standalone. We highly recommend grabbing this and trying it for yourself. 

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