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Alpha Lion Delays Launch of SuperHuman Burn

superhuman burn

Unfortunately, Alpha Lion has just announced that “due to circumstances outside of their control”, the launch of SuperHuman Burn will be delayed until at least April. This comes as no surprise really, as the world is currently in a battle against the Coronavirus, and things are not “normal”.

SuperHuman Burn was due to launch on March 26th, alongside Gains Candy MitoBurn™. There is good news however, as Alpha Lion has stated that Gains Candy MitoBurn™ is still scheduled to release on the 26th. Gains Candy is a standalone MitoBurn™ supplement that was meant to release alongside SuperHuman Burn. 

If you still want to grab some Gains Candy, or simply want to be updated as to when SuperHuman Burn will be released, please subscribe to the the email list below.

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Fitness Informant's POV

This is some unfortunate news. We have been using and really enjoying SuperHuman Burn ourselves, and it is a great pre-workout to go with now due to cutting season being right around the corner. Well, at least you can grab some Gains Candy MitoBurn™ and try out some BAIBA for yourself. Could be a great addition for your home workouts during this quarantine.

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