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Alpha Lion to Launch Two New Limited Flavors of SuperHuman Supreme

Alpha Lion has just announced that they will be launching 2 special limited edition flavors for their SuperHuman Supreme. The two limited edition flavors of SuperHuman Supreme are going to be called Liberty Juice, which was once called Freedom Juice, which was a limited edition flavor for July 4th 2019. 

The two flavors are going to be have “Liberty” themed names, including “Ameriberry” and “Yankee Doodle Candy”. The two flavors will be launched on May 8th, and there may be something special only available for the people that grab Liberty Juice, so keep an eye out for that! SuperHuman Supreme will be available directly on their website, and the regular SuperHuman will be available on

Not only is Alpha Lion launching these two new flavors of SuperHuman Supreme, they will also be giving back!

Alpha Lion will be partnering with Vitamin Angels, a charity that provides Vitamin A to kids in need, not just in the USA, but also around the world! Alpha Lion has already helped over 100k kids through this organization, and there new donation will reach a further 40k kids in need. That 140k kids helped!

Alpha Lion will also be donating $10k to the Karma Foundation. The money donated will be used to buy food for families in need, and the food will be packaged and hand-delivered to families in need in Colombia. Alpha Lion has stated that their goal is to feed 250-350 families in need!

This is an awesome move my Alpha Lion, so be sure to stay tuned for a launch article.

Final Takeaway

This is an awesome! We were already huge fans of Alpha Lion, but this really puts them over the top. Not only are they launching cool limited edition flavors, they are also using this time to give back to people who truly need help. Working with Vitamin Angels and the Karma Foundation is truly awesome, and especially with the world the way it is right now, we really hope people jump on this deal. Help the world by buying an awesome pre-workout just sounds too easy!

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