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Apollon Nutrition 50/50-V 100% Vegan Protein

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As we have talked about before, there are many options when it comes to protein powders. From the usual Whey and Casein protein powders to the plants and vegan friendly types. Apollon Nutrition has taken the normal options a step further in an attempt to make sure you have all your nutrition needs covered . Lets look into what makes Apollon Nutrition’s 50/50-V Vegan Protein special.

There are a lot of similarities between a most protein types. At its base, protein ensures that the damage inflicted on your muscles during a workout is repaired in a timely manner, they’re all great for a quick replacement meal when needed and finally they  also make sure that blood plasma amino acids are replenished asap, but how it achieves that is another thing.

Since whey protein powder is made from cow’s milk, it contains a milk sugar called lactose. Due to processing differences, whey protein isolate contains less lactose than whey protein concentrate. Plant-based protein powders are derived from various types of plants — commonly brown rice, pea, soy, and hemp. Depending on the brand, a powder may be made from one type of plant or a combination of plants. Since they’re. made entirely from plants, plant-based protein powders don’t contain dairy or lactose, which makes them a good option if you follow a vegan diet or are lactose intolerant.

Apollon Nutrition’s 50/50-V Supplement Facts PageApollon5050VSFP

 CP Pro 70 – 14g

A revolutionary chickpea protein due to its unique vegetable origin, CP Pro 70 is distinguished above all by the combination of nutritional, functional and organoleptic properties that meet the growing expectations of the agri-food industry, and more particularly the plant-based sector.

Pea Protein Concentrate – 12g

Pea protein concentrate: Pea protein concentrate contains less overall protein but contains either additional carbs and proteins or carbs and fats. This is the preferred product if you’re looking to add weight or as a meal replacement because it has additional calories but it’s a good source of nutrition as well.

TruServ Veggie Organic Greens – 2g

TruServ is a program that exclusively connects our whole food fruit, vegetable, and greens powders and pieces to USDA-recommended fruit and vegetable servings to answer the call for convenient, better-for-you products. With adding this to your Vegan protein we get a complete nutrition profile to go with the other protein sources.

FIt Butters

High Amylopectin Starch(Velositol) – 2g

High Amylopectin Starches that are high in amylopectin are digested and absorbed more quickly than starches with a high amylose content and produce larger postprandial glucose and insulin responses. Velositol is a patented combination of amylopectin and chromium that is designed to work as a perfect partner to protein. Velositol’s highly soluble amylopectin stimulates insulin’s safe and controlled release, while chromium enhances insulin function and increases muscle cells’ sensitivity to it.

Apollon Nutrition 50/50-V Flavors 

While currently the only available flavors are Chocolate Brownie and French Vanilla, we are excited to see if there are any upcoming surprises. 

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Final Takeaway

I havent had a chance to personally try the Apollon 50/50-V Vegan protein yet. But from what I see on the Supplement Facts Page this could very well be a winner. Especially for those on a strict no dairy or vegan style diet.

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