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Apollon Nutrition Releases New Pump Product: BloodSport

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Apollon hits us with another surprise in the form of a pump product. Bloodsport is formulated to help produce skin splitting pumps. Lets dive into the SFP and see why.

BloodSport Supplement Facts


L-Citrulline – 8000mgBloodSportSFP

L-Citrulline is an amino acid that plays a role in the urea cycle. It is responsible for promotion of blood flow via increase in serum arginine levels; this mechanism increases the production of a compound called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide promotes vasodilation; the dilation of blood vessels. Wider blood vessels allows for more blood to pass. Blood is a transporter of nutrients which is essential for performance activity. It also carries oxygen which is essential in… living! A clinical dose is considered 4000-6000mg, so Bloodsport gives us alitte extra bump.

Arginine Nitrate (NO3-T) – 1500mg

This is one of the “best” form of NO3-T as it yields the most nitrates. The main benefit we get from Arginine Nitrate is going to be increased blood flow, which is the biggest part of getting a gnarly pump. here we have NO3-T dosed at 1500mg which is where studies suggest doses be.

Taurine – 1000mg

Taurine is an essential amino acid that is produced by your body and is also found in some foods. It is known to create a hydrated cellular environment which plays an important role in reducing fatigue and muscle damage leading to prolonged endurance, strength and power output.

VasoDrive-AP 508mg

One of our favorite blood flow enhancing ingredients here at FI, VasoDrive-AP is a derived from two naturally occurring lactotripeptides found in milk; Valyl-Prolyl-Proline and Isolecyyl-Prolyl-Proline. VasoDrive acts by improving arterial flexibility by increasing the production of endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) which increases nitric oxide levels in the body. Nitric oxide, as previously described above, acts as a vasodilator; a compound that expands blood vessels and increases circulation.VasoDrive is backed by over 30 studies which support the following benefits

  • Improve cerebral blood flow and cognitive functioning
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Boosts exercise performance
  • Increases nitric oxide levels
  • Improves recovery/reduce muscle soreness
  • Prolongs time to exhaustion 
  • Support glucose utilization

It’s clear to see why VasoDrive is becoming increasingly popular within the supplement industry, as it poses numerous benefits when it comes to performance activities. The 508mg dose included in Bloody Hell is indeed within clinical parameters.


Himalayan Pink Sea Salt – 250mg

Sea salt is rich in sodium, an electrolyte that plays a crucial role in regulating intracellular fluid balance and muscle contractions. As you workout, sodium is lost via sweat; this will impede performance, especially during endurance training. Time and time again, sodium supplementation prior to exercise has been shown to have ergogenic (performance enhancing) effects by promoting hydration and nerve conduction.

Grape Seed Extract – 200mg

Grape Seed Extract is a polyphenol compound rich in procyanidins and tannins thats used in pre-workout powders to enhance blood flow. It does so by acting as an antioxidant, which promotes endothelial relaxation and expands blood vessels. This mechanism allows a larger volume of blood to be transported into muscle tissue and thus, increases muscle pump and performance in the gym.

Astragin – 25mg

Astragin is a patented, plant based compound providing “full gut support” through a variety of mechanisms:

  1. enhanced nutrient absorption
  2. microbiota viability
  3. immune cell viability
  4. promoting healthy intestinal wall environment

It works by increasing the number of transporter proteins present to carry nutrients to the intestinal wall, which are then absorbed by the body. Studies show that it significantly increases the absorption of amino acids, primarily arginine. In fact, it has studies both in vitro and in vivo that support this finding. It also has data supporting the absorption of histidine, lysine, glucose, folate, creatine, agmatine, beta-alanine, choline, citrulline, BCAAs, and carnitine. And it also activates the MTOR pathway which promotes muscle protein synthesis. To keep it simple, it makes your entire formula more effective and bioavailable.

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Final Takeaway on Apollon Nutrition BloodSport

Im not personally a caffeine junkie so I really like pump products and non-stim workouts. Reading over this SFP makes me excited to try this. All the doses are very close if not a tad over clinical doses and I expect this to truly produce a mind blowing, skin splitting pump.

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