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Apollon Nutrition Launches New Flavor Lychee Martini for their Enigma EAA/BCAA Line

By December 7, 2023No Comments

Apollon Enigma Lychee Martini

Apollon has been known for its no-nonsense top of the line ingredients. In their Enigma EAA/BCAA line they are no stranger to ensuring your aminos are dosed at the proper amounts to fully do their job. With such flavors such as Blue Bomb, Pineapple, Strawberri Acai, Coconut Lime and Watermelon Lemonade there is no shortage of amazing flavors to choose from. 

Once again Apollon is hitting the market with another mouth watering flavor profile we are all sure to love. Lychee Martini is here and we are super amped about it. But alot of you may ask, what is a “Lychee”? The aromatic lychee is sweet, with slightly floral and acidic notes. Upon biting, you’ll get a juicy flavor burst with a taste similar to a strawberry or pear with a hint of citrus. So its safe to say when this hits your lips you’ll want to drink it all in one go. 

This is a great addition to an already stunning lineup. In a market full of pineapple and blueraz flavors this one gets people excited.

Apollon Enigma Flavors

  1. Blue Bomb
  2. Coconut Lime
  3. Strawberri Acai
  4. Pineapple
  5. Watermelon Lemonade
  6. Lychee Martini

Apollon Enigma Price

Enigma is available for $54.95 on Apollon’s website (linked below) for 20 servings. However, athlete codes are available to save 15%!

Use code INFORMANT to save 15%

Final Takeaway

Apollon's Enigma is already an amazing EAA/BCAA product that I personally use a few times a week. But What excites me the most is this new Lychee Martini flavor. Training 5-6 times a week I like to switch flavors here and there and you can only drink so much BlueRaz or PineappleOrange. Im very excited to add this into the mix and see how it tastes. 

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