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Apollon Nutrition F#CK Mediocre Pre-Workout: Formulated For Your Wallet and Your Performance

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Apollon Nutrition F#CK Mediocre

A trend in sports nutrition has been the influx of brands doing a "daily driver" pre-workout. In reality we can call these economically formulated pre-workouts, and there's nothing wrong with that. However, there is a new pre-workout from Apollon Nutrition that hasn't taken that marketing stance, but we will take it for them here at Fitness Informant.

Apollon Nutrition has their very own "daily driver" in Desperado, but F#CK Mediocre, a premium pre-workout could also use that mantra and we'd be completely fine with it. F#CK Mediocre is dubbed as a hardcore pre-workout, and it very well can be hardcore, but this 40/20 serving pre-workout that retails for $65 is truly a 40-serving per-workout in our opinion giving you a solid dosed pre-workout at only $1.63 a serving before discounts.

Typically when you see a 40/20 serving on a label it is always a true 20-serving pre-workout. After reviewing the supplement facts panel and using this one, we will stand on our soap box and yell that this really is a 40-serving pre-workout powder.

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Apollon Nutrition F#CK Mediocre Supplement Facts

As previously metioned, F#CK Mediocre is “marketed” as a 40/20 serving pre-workout with a full scoop being the 20-serving serving size. Rarely would we recommend going with the 1/2 scoop (1-serving) but on F#CK Mediocre this is more than enough and you are still getting fully effective dosages of key ingredients. For the purpose of this write we will use both serving sizes so you can make the determination for yourself.

Apollon Nutriton F#CK MediocreL-Citrulline – 5g/10g

Citrulline is one of the most abundantly used ingredients in pre-workouts for it’s ability to convert to arginine in the body and increase nitric oxide and blood flow. We start to see benefits of Citrulline at 3g but the 4-6g is really where you want to start at with Citrulline. With the 1/2 scoop (1-serving) you are getting 5g of pure Citrulline. With the full scoop (2-servings) you are getting 10g. Some may experience GI issues at the 10g dosage.


Beta-Alanine – 3.2g/6.4g

Beta-Alanine, even more-so than Citrulline, is extremely popular in pre-workout powders. For one the consumer can “feel it.” Beta-Alanine is responsible for the “itchy” feeling called paresthesia. Beta-Alanine’s main purpose is to buffer lactic acid and improve muscular endurance.

A lot of companies are gravitating to 6.4g Beta-Alanine, but the historical accepted dosage has been 3.2g. With the 1/2 scoop you get the 3.2g Beta-Alanine which is sufficient.

Arginine Nitrate (NO3-T) – 2,100mg/4,200g

Exogenous nitrates are some of the most effective ingredients for lowering blood pressure and improving blood flow. So much so that too many can actually be dangerous. Arginine Nitrate is seen as one of the best exogenous NO3-T nitrates from Thermolife. At the 1/2 scoop you get 2,100mg of Arginine Nitrate which is more than enough for most lifters to experience improved blood flow. The full scoop gets you 4,200mg, a huge dose.

Betaine Anhydrous – 1,500mg/3,000mg

Betaine Anhydrous is used in pre-workouts for its positive impact on power output. Users may experience reduced fatigue and prolonged endurance as well as the ability to maximize weights on their lifts. While we do see a lot of brands go with the 2,500mg dosage, which you can get here with the full scoop, the 1,500mg dosage is still sufficient if you want to stick to the 1/2 scoop size. The full scoop is 3g of Betaine Anhydrous.

L-Tyrosine – 1,500mg/3,000mg

Tyrosine is an inexpensive ingredient that yields great results. This is a non-essential amino acid that can improve cognition (brain health and mental clarity). Tyrosine has been shown to improve memory, focus and alertness. The 1,500mgg dosage you get with the 1/2 scoop is just fine, especially at the price point, but the full scoop gets you 3,000mg which is also great.

Alpha GPC – 500mg/1,000mg

Alpha GPC is one of the most beneficial choline ingredients used in sports supplements. It has been shown to drastically improve focus, learning and memory. Alpha GPC yields 50% active choline, so the 500mg dosage on the 1/2 scoop gets you 250mg active Alpha GPC which is great (most companies give you 300mg which yields 150mg). If you full scoop it you get 1,000mg or 500mg active Alpha GPC.

Himalayan Sea Salt – 250mg/500mg

Adding sea salt to a pre-workout is to aid in hydration. This can also help lead to fuller pumps (more hydration = better pumps). While the standard dosage is 500mg, you can always add more. The 1/2 scoop at 250mg is NOT a detriment to the 40-serving formula. 

Caffeine Anhydrous – 150mg/300mg

Caffeine Anhydrous is a synthetic form of caffeine that is one of the fastest acting versions of caffeine. This usually takes effect in 10-15 minutes from consumption. The 1/2 scoop gives you 150mg caffeine (more caffeine coming in this formula) while the full scoop gets you 300mg.

Caffeine Citrate – 150mg/300mg

Caffeine Citrate yields 50% caffeine. So in the 150mg dosage from 1/2 scoop you are actually getting 75mg caffeine. At the full scoop you are getting 150mg caffeine (in addition to the caffeine anhydrous above and the Di-Caffeine Malate below).

Caffeine Citrate is hard hitting and hits quickly.

Di-Caffeine Malate – 100mg/200mg

Di0Caffeine Malate starts to take effect after caffeine citrate and caffeine anhydrous. This will help users keep a high level of energy throughout their workout fighing off the half life of other versions. This will also help prevent any crash from the caffeine intake.

Di-Caffeine Malate yields about 74% caffeine. This means per 1/2 scoop you are getting about 75mg caffeine and per full scoop you get 150mg caffeine.

If we do the math, this is the total amount of caffeine you will get:

1/2 Scoop

  • Caffeine Anhydrous: 150mg
  • Caffeine Citrate: 75mg
  • Di-Caffeine Malate: 75mg
  • TOTAL: 300mg

Full Scoop

  • Caffeine Anhydrous: 300mg
  • Caffeine Citrate: 150mg
  • Di-Caffeine Malate: 150mg
  • TOTAL: 600mg

AstraGin – 25mg/50mg

Astragin helps with ingredient absorption. Although 50mg is the accepted dosage, the 25mg dosage at the 1/2 scoop size does not bother us.

Rauwolscine HCL – 1mg/2mg

Rauwolscine, also known as Alpha Yohimbine, is a very strong stimulant that can improve alertness, energy and thermogenesis. This ingredient can cause negative side effects like rapid heart rate, cold sweats and axiety. It does, however, work extremely well. At 1/2 scoop you get 1mg which is the normal dosage we see of Alpha Yohimbine.

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Final Takeaway on Apollon Nutrition F#CK Mediocre

I stand by what I said, this is a TRUE 40-serving pre-workout. At $65 that means you are paying $1.63 a serving before any code. Use our code INFORMANT and it will drop the price from $65 to $55.25. That means you can get this pre-workout for as low as $1.38 a serving. You wont find a better deal than that on a formula that will improve your energy levels, reduce fatigue, improve cognition and blood flow and more.

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