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Axe & Sledge Launches Electrolytes+

By June 30, 2022No Comments
electroltes plus axe & sledge

It is difficult to get enough water in our day and it is a common missed daily goal! Many people will add some flavor to their water to help make drinking the recommended amount daily. This often is BCAAs or flavor packets like crystal light, etc. Electrolytes are a hot product right now to aid in hydration! Axe & Sledge is joining the electrolyte game with their own product. Electrolyte+ is officially available on their site! It not only helps get your water in, but electrolytes helps our body stay hydrated.

Electrolytes+ contains 6 major electrolytes to aid in hydration. But with the “plus”, it also has L-Taurine added to this formulation at 2000mg. L-Taurine is known to create a hydrated cellular environment which plays an important role in reducing fatigue and muscle damage leading to prolonged endurance, strength and power output. Electrolytes+ also has Coconut Water Concentrate added to aid in hydration and also is packed with nutrients, electrolytes and antioxidants.   Axe & Sledges’ Electrolytes+ comes in two flavors. Both Strawberry Kiwi and Lemon Lime. These flavors both sound refreshing and delicious!

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Final Takeaway

One of my favorite products out there in general are electrolytes. I am so excited for this product release. Electrolytes+ is on the way to the FI headquarters. We cannot wait to try this! But the formulation of this product is great. Watch for the one sip review of this product! Overall, this is a great product to help stay hydrated and get your water in for the day. If you struggle with drinking enough water, as many of us do, this is a great product to add some flavor. Not to mention, adding the electrolytes and other benefits to help with hydration. 

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