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Axe & Sledge GDA+ For Better Utilization of Carbohydrates

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Axe & Sledge GDA+

Axe & Sledge has formulated one of the best products to help optimize what foods you put in your body, whether if it's your weekly cheat meal, wanting to lose weight, change your body composition, or even pack on mass GDA+ is a product to be looked at.

What is purpose of GDA+?

A glucose disposal agent (GDA) is a supplement commonly used by individuals looking to manage their blood sugar levels and improve nutrient absorption. GDAs work by enhancing the body's insulin sensitivity, allowing cells to effectively take up and utilize glucose from the bloodstream.

In simpler terms as we eat a very high carb/fat meal out body's blood sugar levels tend to rise. If the excess glucose is not utilized as energy, our body will store it in various ways including in the liver, skeletal muscle, and/or in our fat cells. The usage of GDA+ will help increase the nutrients shuttled to the liver and skeletal muscle to help improve our body composition, strength, and digestion. Compared to excess glucose being store in our fat cells.

Axe & Sledge GDA+ Supplement Facts

Axe & Sledge has developed this formula in three main categories including a fat blocking complex, carbohydrate blocking complex, and an enzyme blend.

Axe and Sledge GDA+ SFPStarting off Axe & Sledge has added LipoSan Ultra Chitosan, Prickly Pear leaf, and Cinnamon Bark. The main ingredient in this category is LipoSan dosed at 500mg as you’ll typically find it in most doings however has been trialed at 1.5g per serving. LipoSan has been found to help reduce how much fat and cholesterol the body will absorb from food.

Next up is prickly pear extract, a catus fibre dosed at 75mg. In some research studies dosed at 500mg it has been shown to help fat excretion and reduction in fat absorption.

FIt Butters

The last ingredient in this category is cinnamon bark extract at 50mg. Cinnamon Bark is a very diverse ingredient that can be used for several things in health but in relation to this formula you will find that cinnamon bark can help aid in controlling blood sugar levels, while also helping support metabolism and fat break downs effectively.

The next ingredient category in this product is going to be your carbohydrate blocking complex. Leading off this category is 250mg of White Kidney Beans. As White Kidney Beans have been known in several dietary supplements to help block out the absorption of undigested or unused carbohydrates from a meal, to help reduce the impact of storing of unused carbs. This helps the reduction of storing these as fats. The clinical dosing’s used in most research studies of White Kidney Beans is 445 milligrams to 3,000 milligrams per day.

Following up White Kidney Beans, we have Garcinia Cambogia. As Garcinia Cambogia has been known in recent fitness and health trends in combination with Apple Cider Vinegar to have a appetite suppression effect. Garcinia Cambogia in relation to carb blocking is also very good. This ingredient not only help suppress appetite, but also helps preventing carbs from turning into bad fats in the body. With no specific daily dose of what to take of Garcinia Cambogia in relation to this, the maximum amount you can take throughout the day research suggests is 1,500mg, Axe & Sledge gives us 75g in GDA+.

Wrapping up this category GDA+ gives you 75mg of Glucomannan. Glucomannan is very unique in the aspect of carb blocking as it doesn’t act as the other ingredients do with blocking carb absorption. As Glucomannan is a fiber that helps slow down digestion and delays absorption. In turn this will help regulate blood sugars post eating starches and sugars. There is many various dosing suggestions to take of this unique fiber, as many research studies have been found to suggest 1-5g per meal. 

Finally wrapping up this product is the Enzyme Blend GDA+ delivers to help utilize good nutrient absorption we can get from the food we have eaten and also helps regulate our digestion and metabolize carbs. Axe & Sledge starts off by giving us the patented enzyme blend DigeSEB. These enzymes will help break down our carbs and fats, reduce gas and bloating, and help utilize good nutrition we will get from our food. GDA also has  the patented form of Gymnema Sylysetre 75%, (GS4Plus).  GS4Plus has been shown to have the ability to lower blood sugar and increase the activity of enzymes responsible for the metabolism of sugars. This blend may also help with it temporarily blocking sensing sweet taste, and thus naturally reduces appetite for sweet foods.

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Final Takeaway

As someone like myself who eats on a steady regimented diet, this product is crucial to me to help optimize my high carb meals, and even my cheat meals. If your someone who is not even in the bodybuilding relm I feel like this a optimal product to take to help utilize what big calorie meals your taking in. However, for someone who is just getting started into weight lifting and a good eating regiment this product is still a good one to utilize but would'nt be the first thing I add in to my supplement regiment as supplements such as creatine and eating consistently will give you the best results starting out. Once you get very consistent with a good diet I would look to add this in!

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