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Axe & Sledge To Launch HWMF Pre-Workout Exclusively at GNC

Axe & Sledge HWMF

Axe & Sledge supplements are returning to GNC. As part of the national retail launch, GNC will get exclusive products and flavors. Axe & Sledge has formulated a high stimulant pre-workout called HWMF (Hardworking Mother F*cker) exclusively for GNC.

GNC will receive three flavors of HWMF in Blue Colada, Sour Citrus Punch and the exclusive GNC flavor (in powders) in Melon Pop.

GNC will also receive Axe & Sledge's Intake pre-workout and the non-stimulant Hydraulic as well.

Axe & Sledge HWMF Pre-Workout Supplement Facts

Axe & Sledge formulated HWMF exclusively for GNC with the high stimulant loving athlete in-mind. HWMF differs from Intake and Hydraulic V2 in the amount of stims in caffeine, Synephrine and forms of Yohimbine.

Axe & Sledge HWMF is a 40/20 serving pre-workout. We will discuss it from a 20-serving standpoint.

Axe & Sledge HWMF SFPL-Citrulline – 6,000mg

Pure Citrulline is the first ingredient used at 6,000mg. Citrulline is the precursor to Arginine. When you drink a supplement containing Citrulline it is converted into Arginine in the body which then increases nitric oxide. The positive effects of pure Citrulline stat at as little as 3-4g. The 6,000mg (6g) dosage of Citrulline can help improve blood flow into the muscles bringing nutrient rich blood to them.

Betaine Anhydrous – 2,500mg

Betaine Anhydrous another popular ingredient in a pre-workout powder due to its ability to potentially help improve strength and power output. By improving athletic performance, users can potentially gain more muscle mass. Some research suggests it can help with recovery as well.

The 2,500mg dosage is sufficient.

L-Taurine – 2,000mg

Taurine has been used for years in pre-workout for its potential to reduce muscle damage and fatigue. It also can aid in regulating electrolytes improving overall muscular endurance. Some research suggests that Taurine may “taper” the side effects of caffeine like the jitters as well.

The 2,000mg dosage is where we see many of the premium pre-workouts dose Taurine.

Alpha-GPC – 600mg

Alpha-GPC is a choline molecule that has been shown to help improve cognition. Alpha-GPC in the generic form yields 50% active compound. That means on a 600mg dosage like we have here, users will get 300mg of active Alpha-GPC. This is the expected amount of Alpha-GPC that you want for improvement in focus, memory and learning.

Caffeine Anhydrous – 325mg

Caffeine Anhydrous is one form of caffeine used in Axe & Sledge’s HWMF pre-workout. This is a fast acting form of caffeine that can start to impact a user within 10-15 minutes of consumptions. The 325mg dosage is higher than most pre-workouts hence why this is going to be Axe & Sledge’s higher stimulant pre-workout.

CognatiQ – 100mg

CognatiQ, formerly known as NeuroFactor, from FutuerCeuticals is a coffee fruit extract that has been shown to improve cognition and alertness. This is a stimulant free ingredient.  CognatiQ has been clinically shown to boost BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor), increase brain connectivity, and improve daily, cognitive performance.

The 100mg dosage of CognatiQ is very good.

zumXR Caffeine – 75mg

zumXR is an extended release caffeine. This means unlike Caffeine Anhydrous which hits within 10-15 minutes, zumXR releases over an extended period of time with no more than 55% of caffeine released within the first hour. This will allow you to workout longer with higher energy levels and potentially eliminate the crash or the jitters caused by traditional caffeine. This, along with Caffeine Anhydrous, gives you a total of 400mg caffeine per 2-scoop serving.

Citrus Aurantium Extract – 75mg

This is commonly known as Synephrine. Synephrine makes up about 30% of this dosage. This dosage yields about 22.5mg of Synephrine. We typically see it around 30mg so this dosage is nice. Synephrine can aid in improving body temperature aka thermogenesis. It can help improve alertness and energy levels too.

Alpha Yohimbine – 2mg

Alpha Yohimbine aka Rauwolfia is the hardest hitting form of Yohimbine. The 2mg dosage should hit most people pretty hard (in a good way) but new users could experience cold sweats/chills so please proceed with caution. Alpha Yohimbine promotes lipolysis (fat breakdown), making it a popular component in fat-burning supplements.

Yohimbine HCl – 1mg

Another form of Yohimbine is used in Yohimbine HCl. This has similar effects as Alpha-Yohimbine discussed above, but it is slightly more “mild.:” The 1mg dosage is sufficient.

The total of 400mg caffeine from two sources, plus the two sources of Yohimbine (including Alpha-Yohimbine) will be sure to make you feel something. The one thing to note here is that this does not have Beta-Alanine so the "feeling" you get when you take this product will strictly come from stimulants.

Final Takeaway on Axe & Sledge HWMF

Being honest this one will be too much for me, personally. I know there are plenty of people who will love the 400mg total caffeine with the Yohimbine so this will sell like crazy. If you are someone that doesn't have a sensitivity to stimulants you can give this one a try when it is at your local GNC. It should, on paper, kick you in the ass.

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