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Core Nutritionals Cinnamon and Brown Sugar MRP Available Now

Core Nutritionals MRP Cinnamon and Brown Sugar

Core Nutritionals continues their hot streak on flavor launches with the announcement of Cinnamon and Brown Sugar MRP. This is the first new flavor to the MRP line since Carrot Cake.

Core Nutritionals CORE MRP is a whey/casein protein blend combined with complex carbohydrates and healthy fats from coconut oil. MRP is perfect for those looking to manage their caloric intake, work a job on the go, or just need to get extra calories into their day from quality sources.

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Final Takeaway

This flavor is great. Their Carrot Cake is their best MRP flavor in my opinion, but this is right there in terms of "warm" flavoring system that would be hard to say you didn't like it. Beyond and deeper than the flavor is the quality of ingredients used in this formula. This is one of the best meal replacement powders on the market.

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