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Core Nutritionals Launches Chicken N’ Waffles CORE PRO

By April 1, 2024No Comments

This is not a drill, we are getting a complete profile of Chicken N' Waffles from CORE Nutritionals for their PRO protein line. Joining an already impressive line-up of flavor profiles, CORE looks to round out the MANY choices with everyone's favorite combo. CHICKEN N' WAFFLES(it must be a southern thing). The only thing that would excite me more is some Biscuits and Gravy EAA's for that intra-workout special.

Each serving contains 25g protein. Protein comes from whey protein concentrate (12.5g), whey protein isolate (6.25g) an milk protein isolate 6.25g). While WPC and WPI are faster absorbing whey proteins, milk protein isolate is comprised on 80% casein and roughly 20% WPC. This will feed the body over a duration of time while still feeding you almost instantly.

Users also get DigeSEB to aid in digestion. This is a huge benefit to those that want to ensure the best digestion possible.

Core Nutritionals CORE PRO Chicken and Waffles is available in two-pound tub.

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Final Takeaway on Core Nutritionals CORE PRO

As we have stated before, this is one of our favorite protein formulas currently on the market. You get THREE sources of protein along with healthy fats and DigeSEB to touch on all bases. Check out our official One Sip Review above to learn more about our instant feedback on it. This one is special.

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