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Core Nutritionals Confirms Crush It Kids Multi-Vitamin Is Coming

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Core Nutritionals Crush It Kids Multivitamin

Core Nutritionals is officially launching a kids supplement line. Crush It Kids will be coming in early 2022. The first product released under the new kids line will be Crush It Kids Multi. 

Crush It Kids Multi-Vitamin will be a chewable gummy vitamin that hits the essentials kids need. It will not be a multivitamin like CORE MULTI which is designed and formulated for adults.

Crush It Kids Multi could very well be the first of several SKUs the brand launches under a kids line.

No exact launch date yet, but we're told it should be within the first half of 2022.

Final Takeaway

This is a smart play by Doug Miller and Core Nutritionals. Core's demographic steers a little older (not elderly) so chances are they are customers with children. This is a nice product for current customers to buy for their kids, and potentially new markets for the brand to go into. I am interested in trying these myself.

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