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Core Nutritionals Lifeline Liver: Take Care of Your Chemical Factory

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Core Nutritionals is a brand that many hold in high regard. They are known for their loaded formulas, flavoring, efficacious dosages, and simply being a great brand all around. They are certainly regarded as one of the best brands when it comes to sports nutrition. 

Recently, Core Nutritionals launched a new line of supplements. The new line is called Lifeline, which is more geared towards health and wellness, instead of performance at the gym. In an industry filled with over-caffeinated pre-workouts, overhyped fat burners, and sketchy fat burners, Core is here to remind you that you are human, and you need to take care of yourself.

Today we are looking at Liver, which of course is a product meant to aid overall liver health. Let’s take a look at what we get inLiver, and how it may help you.

Ingredient Profile


Milk Thistle Extract- 1260mg (80% Silymarin)

A common ingredient found in liver products, Milk Thistle is usually one of the first ingredients that comes to mind when people think about liver health. While not as well-researched as NAC or TUDCA, there are certainly some benefits for liver health. 

Milk Thistle contains Silymarin, which is what we want out of Milk Thistle. It has been shown to have hepatoprotective properties. It does this by helping in Glutathione production. Milk Thistle has also been shown to increase the lifespan of people suffering from Cirrhosis.

At 1260mg of Milk Thistle, 80% of which is Silymarin, you are getting a solid dose in Core Nutritionals Liver.

Katuki Extract – 400mg

Katuki Extract is a rather interesting ingredient, and we have not seen it in another liver supplement before, although it does seem to be a traditional herb used in Ayurvedic medicine used for it’s hepatoprotective aspects.

It may help with the secretion of bile, which can aid with a healthy liver. It has a wealth of health benefits, including having antiviral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties.

You get 400mg of Katuki Extract in Core Nutritionals Liver

Setria Glutathione – 250mg

L-Glutathione is the primary fuel for liver detoxification and cleansing within any cell. This ingredient is found in virtually every cell of the human body and is well-known for protection against oxidative stress and harmful toxins. This ingredient is a means of protection against harmful chemicals or carcinogens during the detoxification process, meaning after they have already been absorbed by the body.

Glutathione is already an immensely popular supplement, with another version known as NAC (a precursor to Glutathione), being one of the most popular ingredients for liver health out there.

At 250mg, you are getting a clinical dose of Setria Glutathione. 

TUDCA- 300mg

Next up, we have TUDCA, which is actually our favorite liver health ingredient. We call it TUDCA, as it is easier to pronounce than Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid. TUDCA is a water soluble bile acid. 

According to a study, TUDCA was compared to UDCA (TUDCA without the Taurine) in patients with Biliary Cirrhosis. Both were shown to be beneficial for improving liver enzymes. Another study compared doses of 500mg to 1000mg and 1500mg of TUDCA. All 3 doses were shown to be effective for improving liver enzymes, however the two higher doses showed benefits for improving cholesterol levels as well.  

TUDCA has been shown to be effective at doses as low as 10mg-13mg for improving liver enzymes and restoration. You get 250mg, which is a good dose. 

BioPerine – 10mg

BioPerine is a popular ingredient already, and it is a patented form of Black Pepper Extract. It is a natural source of Piperine, which may help with the absorption of some ingredients.

At 10mg, you are getting a solid dose.

Final Takeaway

Core Nutritionals Lifeline is an awesome line, and Liver is a product we can certainly get behind. Not only is liver health very important, but with some of the ingredients lifters take these days, we almost see this as a must. In true Core fashion, you are getting some quality ingredients, all with some science behind them.

We highly recommend adding this to your cabinet of supplements before you go out and buy some sketchy fat burner or stim-laden pre-workout, as over the long run, you will most likely wish you would have spent your money on something like this. 

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