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Core Nutritionals Vanilla Toffee Gaintime Launch Deal Revealed

FIt Butters

So we were expecting this to launch later in the future, but apparently it’s coming this Monday! The new Vanilla Toffee Gaintime from Core Nutritionals is set to launch next week on July 12th, and this one is delicious.

In typical Core Nutritionals fashion, there will be a launch deal. The launch deal throe this year is as follows… if you buy three tubs, and one of them is Vanilla Toffee Gaintime, you will only spend $100. 

So 3 tubs of protein for $100, as well as additional coupon code (INFORMANT), you will be saving quite a bit, and this is perfect for those who want to stock up on different flavors of protein instead of having on flavor in a big tub. 

Be sure to stay tuned for a launch deal reminder on Monday, and be on the lookout, as we have more news coming from Core Nutritionals, as they have more cool news coming.

Final Takeaway

We love Core Nutritionals here at FI. This is a nice launch, and the flavor of this protein is awesome. Very smooth and if you like Toffee, this one is certainly going to be a hit with you. The launch deal looks great so we'd advise considering it, especially since you can mix and match.

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