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FIt Butters Teases August Launch with AP Regimen

FIt Butters AP Regimen Collaboration

FIt Butters has announced and given some details behind their upcoming collaboration with AP Regimen via their official social media channels.

An image appeared to show that the two brands were working together on a new flavor that will launch in August nationwide at Vitamin Shoppe stores and over 1,200 other brick and mortar retailers and online at, Amazon and Walmart.

We can confirm that the new flavor of FIt Butters will be 100% vegan and will feature AP Regimen's new vegan protein. AP has confirmed that the protein used in the upcoming FIt Butters collaboration is a never-done-before vegan protein flavor.

More info coming soon.

Final Takeaway

Funny that I get to write this article right? Knowing that I know all the details behind it. This flavor is EPIC and it is going to be amazing. AP Regimen was great to work with. They created this flavor specifically for us and for FIt Butters. You are in for a treat!

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