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FIt Butters Launches First New Flavor of 2023 in Chocolate Dirt Cake

By January 30, 2023No Comments
FIt Butters Chocolate Dirt Cake

FIt Butters is back at it with another new launch in another new month (and new year). FIt Butters Chocolate Dirt Cake cashew peanut butter is the brand's first new launch of 2023.

FIt Butters Chocolate Dirt Cake is the first new flavor created by FIt Butters under their own flavoring system. The brand announced in the summer of 2022 they were moving away from the collaboration strategy with other major sports nutrition brands, and creating their own whey protein isolate and vegan protein flavor systems. While many of those flavors were matching current flavors, Chocolate Dirt Cake was a new flavor created by the team.

Chocolate Dirt Cake Cashew Peanut Butter is a limited edition protein nut butter made with 7g protein and fats from coconut oil.

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Final Takeaway

This is such a fun, cool, delicious flavor that I think you will all love. Early reviews are pouring in and they are all 5 star rated. The combination of cashew and peanut with our chocolate dirt cake base is phenomenal. Too bad this is just a limited edition...

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