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FIt Butters Collaborates with MTS Nutrition for a Mint Cookies & Cream Flavor

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FIt Butters and MTS Nutrition

FIt Butters, the only brand to disclose the brand, source and flavor of protein used in their premium nut butters, has announced that they have teamed with MTS Nutrition to revamp their Mint Cookies and Cream flavor. This will be their first collaboration with MTS Nutrition, but not their first with MTS Nutrition CEO Marc Lobliner.

“Marc and I are good friends. When we first discussed collaborating back in April it appeared that this may not happen. However, over the past several months we’ve partnered with Tiger Fitness and Ambrosia for successful launches. It only made sense to make a butter featuring one of my favorite proteins of all time, MTS Nutrition Mint Cookies & Cream Machine Whey,” said Ryan Bucki, CEO of FIt Butters and Fitness Informant.

FIt Butters previously had a Chocolate Mint Cookies and Cream flavor that featured Gaspari Nutrition’s hydrolysate whey. The brand decided to pull that flavor from the market in December with the ultimate decision to reformulate the formula, including the protein source.

The new Mint Cookies & Cream Cashew Butter from FIt Butters will launch on St. Patrick’s Day (Wednesday, March 17th). The flavor will be available to retailers, Amazon and

Final Takeaway

I feel weird writing my own takeaway but I can promise you all this, this new version is IMPROVED from the previous version. The mint flavor is toned down a bit, more subtle, but the overall texture and flavor will sure to impress! I am excited to work with my good friend Marc Lobliner on this. LET'SSSSSSS GO!

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