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FullBlitz Label Reveal and Giveaway Opportunity

By February 18, 2019No Comments

It’s finally here! From the makers of VasoBlitz, our #1 rated pump activator, comes FullBlitz by BuildFastFormula. FullBlitz is a pump-first pre-workout featuring stimulants to appease the stim-loving crowd.

FullBlitz LabelFullBlitz contains the same exact profile as VasoBlitz, but gives us a few added ingredients to amplify our workout. The VasoBlitz profile in FullBlitz starts with 6g Citrulline, this is also found in VasoBlitz. Citrulline is clinically dosed at 3-5g. Citrulline is turned into L-Arginine in the body (by the kidneys) which will increase blood flow. We also get 2.5g Betaine Anhydrous, also found in VasoBlitz. This is a solid dosage of an ingredient that has been shown to increase power output. Like with VasoBlitz, we get 2g Arginine Nitrate as NO3-T technology. Nitrates can produce some amazing pumps, and at 2g, you can fully expect to be full. Finally, 2g Calcium Lactate is included.

Now the added ingredients into FullBlitz which separates it from VasoBlitz. An added ingredient in FullBlitz is the clinical dosage of Beta-Alanine at 3.2g. Beta-Alanine has been shown to increase endurance. DMAE, a form of choline, known for increasing focus and improving mental clarity, is dosed at 800mg. This is a massive dose of DMAE. We typically see this at 500mg. Caffeine Anhydrous is added at an amount of 335mg. This is a really good amount of caffeine. Not too over stimmed out to impact the workout. Lastly, we get 2.3mg Yohimbe Bark Extract. This is a good dosage of Yohimbe as we wouldn’t want it over 2.5mg, some people have issues with it.

FullBlitz will come in a variety of flavors at 24-servings per unit. Why 24-servings? If you think about it, each month contains on average 4-weeks. Most people workout 3-6 days a week. This would give you 4-weeks of 6-days a week workouts. VasoBlitz is available in a 7-day unit to provide pumps on your off days. This would be a full 31-days of pumps!

The simple additions to VasoBlitz to make FullBlitz proves to work. A test run of FullBlitz provides the same epic pumps as you get from VasoBlitz. The energy and focus levels are great without the crash. Want to experience it for yourself? Here’s your chance to try it before you buy it!

Giveaway Opportunity

We will be selecting 35 people to test-run FullBlitz before it is available in the market. To enter, please do the following:


  1. In the comments tell us why you should be the first to try FullBlitz and tag (2) friends who should enjoy it with you
  2. Share post


  1. In the comments tell us why you should be the first to try FullBlitz and tag (2) friends who should enjoy it with you
  2. Screenshot the post and share it to your story

Winners will be selected on Tuesday, February 19th. Winners will be expected to provide feedback on FullBlitz as well as post a full review to their social media channels tagging @FitnessInformant and @BuildFastFormula. 

FullBlitz will go on-sale to the general public next week. As an exclusive offer to you, use coupon code INFORMANT to save 15%, plus get a FREE 7-day supply of VasoBlitz AND a FREE hydromaster.

FullBlitz Everyday Price: $37.99
Special Introductory Price: $34.99
+ Discount (INFORMANT)
+ FREE 7-serving VasoBlitz
+ FREE Hydromaster
+ FREE Shipping
Total Value: $47.98
YOUR COST: $29.74

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