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Glaxon SuperShroom Getting New Look


Besides cool formulas, effective products, and fun comics… Glaxon is known for cool label designs. From cool space themes, to the color, they are simply eye catching. Well, that was the case with their entire lineup besides SuperShroom. SuperShroom has a pretty basic design, and even with that said, it still stood out. 

Well, as you see with the picture above, SuperShroom is getting a makeover, and simply has one of the most unique designs on the market. Certainly going to stand out on shelves, and it’s nice to see this, along with the rest of the line-up, get some new unique designs. 

SuperShroom is a blend of mushrooms, and has a wide array of benefits. Benefits include supporting a healthy immune system, as well as aid in performance and recovery. 

We will be sure to inform you when it launches, so be sure to stay tuned, as we expect this to launch within the next few weeks.

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Final Takeaway

Now this is a cool design. While we do not post often about new label designs, this one is just too interesting to not mention. Not only does it stand out on the shelf, it is a huge step up from the old look. That cool looking mushroom guy looks like he would be resurrected by Super Mario or something. We can't wait to try this for ourselves!

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