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PlasmaJet is Back: Gaspari Launches its Highly Anticipated Pump Product

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We were informed several weeks ago on the return of PlasmaJet, a product from Gaspari. Well, PlasmaJet is officially back and we now have access to the profile.

gaspari plasmajetPlasmaJet consists of 3 separate proprietary blends. The first one is the Gaspari Propietary Nitric Oxide Support System. This blend is 2.5 grams and contains some common pump ingredients such as GlycerPump®, Agmatine Sulfate, while also coming using some interesting ingredients such as Amentopump®

The next blend is called the Gaspari Hypertrophic Vaso Expansion Matrix, which contains 466mg of ingredients. This blend starts us off with a “Natural Xanthine Blend”, which is a mixture of Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, and Cocoa Seed Extract. So you’re getting some Caffeine as well as some Theobromine in here. Another interesting ingredients is the Adenosine-5-Triphosphate Disodium Salt, which may aid in performance.

Finally, we have what made the last version of PlasmaJet so good. The Gaspari Proprietary Arginase Inhibitor Matrix (125mg), which is a blend of Boron Amino Acid Chelate and N-hydroxy-nor-L-arginine. Essentially, this inhibits Arginase production in the body, thus making your pumps last longer. This was what made the last version so powerful, so why fix what isn’t broken?

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Fitness Informant's POV

We really like Gaspari here on FI. They have come out with some solid products, and we like the new look they have gone with on PlasmaJet. Of course, the profile on this, there are some things we have to mention that we do and don't like with this formula.

We do like the ingredient selections, such as Glycerol Monostearate, Agmatine, Amentopump®. The unfortunate part is that it is all in a proprietary blend, and these are ingredients we'd love to see fully disclosed (goes without saying). With how well the last PlasmaJet worked, we're sure the Arginase Inhibitor blend will make PlasmaJet as fun to use as the last version.

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