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First Look at New GHOST Amino V2 Sonic Cherry Limeade

ghost amino

GHOST Lifestyle has officially given us a look at their upcoming Amino V2 flavor. It is an expansion of their already popular flavor Sonic Cherry Limeade. 

They gave us a small tease a little over a month ago, however now we have the official look. This let’s us know that GHOST Amino V2 Cherry Limeade is coming in the near future.

Ghost Amino V2 is an EAA product which contains 10 grams of aminos, and solid hydration profile. It is one of the top ranked EAA supplements on FI, and this release is certainly something to get excited for.

Final Takeaway

We are looking forward to this release. Sonic Cherry Limeade was actually one of the more popular flavors from GHOST as far as Legend goes, and it was only a matter of time before it got an expansion. Even with the world going through tough times, GHOST keeps pushing.

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