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GHOST BCAA V2 To Come In 3 SPK Authentic Flavors

ghost bcaa

Just the other day, we got to announce that the new GHOST BCAA V2 will be launching in three really cool new flavors. As the title states, BCAA V2 will be launching with three awesome collaborated flavors of SPK.

Of these three, SPK Blue Raspberry is what we would call the "newest" flavor, as it is an actual new flavor to the GHOST line. Redberry is actually new to the BCAA V2 product line, although it is also available in Legend, Gamer, and GHOST Energy. As for the SPK Watermelon, it was actually already a flavor for the the original GHOST BCAA, however had a different look to it. 

The three flavors, along with the other three we posted about earlier this week. Be sure to stay tuned for a launch article, and info as to why GHOST BCAA V2 is an upgrade from the original BCAA.

Final Takeaway

Nice launch from the guys at GHOST here. Not only did the brand launch a nice 4 pack of their popular energy drink last week, but they simply go ahead and bust out three new SPK flavors, which may be one of the coolest flavor drops to date. While the three flavors we talked about Monday are already awesome, this just puts this launch over the top, and we can't wait to try these out for ourselves.

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