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GHOST Launches Bubblicious Lightning Lemonade and Strawberry Splash for Legend V2

It’s getting ridiculous, but here we are. As the title states, GHOST has officially launched two new flavors for Legend v2, and they may just be the best yet. Of course, as the title states, the flavors are Bubblicious Lightning Lemonade and Strawberry Splash.

Last year, Bubblicious was a limited launch for Legend, and it was an instant hit. Well, GHOST has decided to bring it back for their new and improved formula Legend V2. They didn’t stop at Strawberry Splash… nope, they also had to include Lightning Lemonade.

You can say that Lightning Lemonade tastes like a mix of Lemonade and Bubblegum, and is actually quite refreshing and smooth. Of course, Strawberry Splash is true to the name and tastes EXACTLY like the real bubblegum. Honestly they deliver an experience, and are well worth trying out for yourself.

GHOST Legend V2 is a pre-workout supplement that helps with energy, pumps, endurance, and focus. It contains ingredients such as Nitrosigine® and Citrulline for pumps, Beta-Alanine for endurance, and Alpha GPC for focus. Of course, it also has a modest dose of Caffeine at 250mg, which is something we really like to see, as many brands rely on 300mg+ of Caffeine, which overtime just ruins your tolerance.

GHOST Legend V2 is now officially available on the GHOST website, and if you use coupon code INFORMANT, you save 20% off. This is sure to sellout, so be sure to make you decision quick.

Use Coupon Code INFORMANT To Save 20%

Final Takeaway

This is one of our favorite launches to date, and we can't wait for everyone else to try. Strawberry Splash is easily Ryan's favorite Legend flavor, and now that it's back, we are hopeful more of you will try it this time around. GHOST really does some crazy stuff with their flavors, so we cannot wait to see what else they have in store for 2021.

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