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Bubblicious Lightning Lemonade Flavor Coming To GHOST Legend V2

GHOST is back... AGAIN today, this time with even more Bubblicious coming your way. In a surprise attack from the popular brand, earlier today we got some news that Bubblicious Strawberry was making a comeback for Legend V2. Well now we have ANOTHER flavor to look forward to!

The new flavor is Bubblicious Lightning Lemonade, which is a completely new flavor to the brand. With Bubblicious Strawberry being so well received, there is little doubt this will be a hit as well. 

While we do not have a set launch date, we do know that this will be dropping in the very near future. So be sure to stay tuned, and be ready for a launch article, as well as more exciting news coming from GHOST. 

Final Takeaway

LOVE this.... again. This was a surprise attack from GHOST, and we are quite happy with it. Not only do we get a new flavor that we assume we are going to like... we get a flavor coming back that we already love. 2021 is certainly looking like another epic year from GHOST.

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