GHOST Partners With Chips Ahoy! for New GHOST Whey

GHOST and Chips Ahoy!

Kicking off the second-half of 2019, GHOST announces the biggest collaboration deal in protein in 2019. GHOST is authentically partnering with Chips Ahoy! to launch the latest GHOST Whey flavor! This will be the first authentic licensing deal in protein powder since BSN partnered with Cold Stone Ice Cream on a series of flavors.

GHOST is notorious for their licensing deals, which are far different than the rest of the industry. While other brands create flavors that are similar to real-life candy (i.e. rainbow candy), GHOST actually signs agreements with their partners to use their assets (logos), and they partner with their R&D teams to ensure the flavor is authentic. GHOST has to pay a licensing fee to the partners. These agreements usually contain an upfront cost plus a % of each unit sold.

GHOST Whey Chips Ahoy! should be launched soon. Sign-up below for alerts to be informed when it becomes available.

Fitness Informant's POV

Clap - clap - clap, kudos to GHOST. When I was at General Mills, I looked into a licensing deal for brands who inquired to use their assets. These are NOT easy to secure. Why? The dietary supplement industry isn't the most trusted industry by fortune 500 companies. General Mills would not lease their assets to any brand in this industry because the potential for harm to their IP. The fact that GHOST is able to secure Chips Ahoy! (and all the other ones they have) is a testament to that team in Chicago. 

I am VERY much looking forward to this one. We see collaborations in performance powders (mostly from GHOST), but not as much in protein. If they nailed this flavor it could be HUGE for the brand. My only question is why are brands still ripping off other brands assets and not trying to negotiate an actual deal? Time will tell...

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