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GHOST Launches Coconut Ice Cream Vegan & Whey

GHOST Coconut Ice Cream

A full year of waiting is finally over. GHOST has officially launched their popular Coconut Ice Cream flavor both their vegan and whey protein formats.

Coconut Ice Cream has now launched several times from the brand, starting as a Vegan protein and then expanding into Whey in 2022. Both flavors are highly touted and reviewed by coconut lovers.

GHOST Coconut Ice Cream is a limited time offering from the brand available on the brand's website today and at GNC's on July 6th.

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Final Takeaway

Coconut lovers, unite! This isn't straight coconut, there are hints of creamy notes from the ice cream touch as well. As I have mentioned previously, not my favorite but plenty of people love this one. 

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