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GHOST Reveals Bubblicious Cotton Candy GHOST Energy

GHOST Energy Bubblicious

GHOST has revealed their next flavor of GHOST Energy. GHOST X Bubblicious Cotton Candy will be the newest flavor launching from the fastest growing energy drink brand.

GHOST X Bubblicious will launch on May 10th exclusively on the GHOST App for a Secure-A-Can campaign.

GHOST X Bubblicious Cotton Candy flavor was launched in the brand's pre-workout. This is the first appearance this flavor is making in energy, and the brand's second collaboration with Bubblicous on GHOST Energy.

Final Takeaway

When I tasted this flavor in Legend I thought this would make a GREAT energy flavor. I am excited about this one. GHOST Energy is our #1 rated energy drink on the market today due to flavors, formula, distribution and branding. Look for our flavor review on this one at our official Instagram channel (@FitnessInformant).

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