GHOST To Launch RTDs With Huge Partnership

Well, the news is finally out, and boy is it some HUGE news. GHOST has already been killing it this year with their launches. Everything from flavor collabs, to new products, to entering the gaming industry… they are already having an epic year, especially when you consider the world being the way it is. Well, now GHOST is here to change the world, just like they said they would when they were on our podcast several months ago.

GHOST is set to launch a canned energy drink this coming year, and while that is already quite cool, the project has an awesome partner to go along. GHOST will be partnering with Anheuser-Busch InBev in a join-venture. While we don’t have any details on this deal, we can already tell you that this is going to be huge, as this partnership gives GHOST distribution opportunities.

This puts GHOST in a position to have their popular flavor collabs with companies such as Sonic, Sour Patch Kids, Welch’s, and Warheads to become energy drink flavors as well. Another position this puts GHOST in, is for protein RTDs. With GHOST having two very popular products, both Legend and their Whey, and with Gamer on the way, we can only assume that they will dive into more than just a basic energy drink RTD. 

Of course, this is all developing, and perhaps we will get more details on the plans in the near future. Be sure to check out the Final Takeaway, as we got to try these for ourselves.

Final Takeaway

With this announcement, we can finally get this off of our chests here at FI. We were able to try these out at HQ several months ago, and they were enjoyable, and we can't wait to share the profile with you guys, as it is certainly a bit different. This is easily the biggest news we have had this year, as with the world being the way it is, most companies have shifted their focus to immunity products, something GHOST has not done. While we know some of the flavors set for launch, we will be announcing those as soon as we are allowed to. 

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