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GHOST Gamer Wins Fitness Informant’s 2020 Product of the Year Award

By December 17, 2020No Comments
GHOST Gamer Wins 2020 Product of the Year from Fitness Informant

With a global pandemic shutting down gyms, people had to turn to alternative forms of entertainment and therapy. The gaming industry boomed during the pandemic to all-time highs. GHOST recognized the shift and launched their highly anticipated GHOST Gamer product. GHOST went into a category dominated by G-Fuel and created a product that gets our nod for 2020 Product of the Year in GHOST Gamer.

GHOST Gamer was one of the first gaming supplements to start the movement in 2020. Other brands like RedCon1, XP Sports (MuscleTech) and the likes followed suit with their own formulas and success, but Gamer started the trend.

GHOST Gamer is not a cookie cutter formula that just plays off of caffeine, but includes proven ingredients like nooLVL to improve game play. E-Sports are on the rise and GHOST is looking to rise with it.

GHOST wasn't just trying to capture bottom line revenue with Gamer, but to be involved in the culture of gaming. GHOST partnered with XSET. The partnership sees GHOST providing XSET's elite roster of streamers, athletes, and esports teams with GHOST products to take their game to the next level.

GHOST also started Warzone Wednesday to interact with the culture. Live streams on platforms such as Twitch allowed the brand to communicate and even leak new product info to those in the gaming community. They wanted to be part of it.

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Final Takeaway

Gerhard is our resident semi-professional gamer and he himself saw the impact GHOST Gamer had on his community. Gamer was one of the first supplements to step up and try to take a piece of the pie from G-Fuel. When gyms closed and the world stopped, GHOST pivoted and launched Gamer to be relevant in a world that needed it.

Other nominees in this category had success in their own right including GHOST Glow, which opens the door for nutricosmetics; CORE ZONE, which was our top rated nootropic, NutraBio's First Response, which was given for free to thousands of first response workers during the pandemic; and Redcon1's MRE RTD, which was launched late 2020 but attempts to take on the stagnant protein RTD category.

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