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GHOST Gamer Swedish Fish Now Available

gamer ghost

Well the day is finally here. The new flavor of Gamer is now officially available for purchase on the GHOST website. The new flavor of course, is Swedish Fish, a flavor that is already available for the BCAA product from GHOST.

This brings the amount of flavors of Gamer to 4, and we are sure there are more coming in the near future. 

Gamer is a nootropic supplement from GHOST, which is intended to help gamers improve their game. It can aid in focus, decision making, and help prevent fatigue. It can also be used as a simple energy boost anytime of the day.

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Final Takeaway

GHOST does not know when to stop, and that's a good thing in this case. We are huge fans of Gamer here on FI, and use it for more than just gaming. We like the Swedish Fish flavor with the BCAA product, so we expect this one to be awesome as well. Dan apparently says this is his new favorite, above the legendary Peach flavor. 

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