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GHOST Legend Bubblicious Officially Launched

ghost legend

GHOST has officially launched their new flavor cool Legend, which is yet another flavor collaboration. This time, it is with Bubblicious Bubblegum. With the market lacking any impressive bubblegum flavored pre-workouts, GHOST certainly went out on a mission to do it correctly.

Legend is a pre-workout supplement meant to aid in energy, focus, pumps, and endurance. It is known for its awesome flavors more than anything.

This is a limited edition launch, so unless something changes, Bubblicious will most likely only be available for a short amount of time. This is certainly set to be an epic launch, as there was a lot of effort put behind this flavor according to GHOST. Be sure to use coupon code INFORMANT for 20% off.

Use Coupon Code INFORMANT to Save 20%

Final Takeaway

We have a confession to make... we have been using this tub for about a month now, and it is already one of our favorite flavors from GHOST, maybe even our favorite to be quite honest. This was almost not even launched, due to the world being in a weird state. Either way, we are happy is has, as it's not another immune product, but rather an awesome flavor that is pushing the supplement game forward. Right now, it is easily our favorite flavor of Legend, and we highly suggest grabbing this one for yourself... it's an experience. 

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