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Quick Look At The GHOST Sour Pink Lemonade Profile

Last week, we announced that GHOST was launching a new flavor collaboration with Maxx Chewning. Well, now we are here to go over the new profile. Similar to the Whiskey Sour Rob Lipsett Legend, this one has it’s own profile, and it is quite good. 

The profile starts off with the usual/expected 4 grams of Citrulline, as well as a clinical dose of Beta-Alanine at 3.2 grams. Following this, you get 1.5 grams fo Nitrosigine, which is the clinical dose. Nitrosigine is from our friends over at Nutrition21, and it is one of our favorite pump ingredients. 

You also get 254mg of VasoDrive-AP, which is a solid dose. VasoDrive-AP is one of those pump ingredients that seems be gaining in popularity over the past year, and it’s nice to see it in here.

Next up you have the “Smart Energy” blend, which starts off with 1 gram of Tyrosine, as well as 1 gram of Taurine. Tyrosine is great for focus under stressful situations, and it nice to see in here. You also get 250mg of natural Caffeine. This is a nice dose, and should be enough to give you a solid boost in energy. 

The next ingredient is Neurofactor, which is from FutureCeuticals. It is at 100mg, which is the clinical dose. The last two ingredients are Theobriomeine (Caffeine’s cousin), and Olive Leaf Extract, which provides antioxidants. 

The profile looks solid, and is certainly going to deliver with pumps, as well as clean energy. While we haven’t tried the flavor yet, it will certainly be good, as GHOST really knows how to flavor their products.

Final Takeaway

Damn GHOST just keeps coming with product launches. We thought Glow passionfruit was awesome (it is), but now we have a pink lemonade to look forward to. 2020 is certainly the year for GHOST, and it will be cool to see what they have in store next. We like the profile here, and hopefully the flavor will compliment the profile.

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