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GHOST Legend x Maxx Chewning Limited Edition Flavors Are Here

By November 14, 2019No Comments

GHOST has officially launched two new limited edition flavors of their pre-workout Legend. GHOST has teamed up with Maxx Chewning to launch Strawberry Daiquiri and Mango Margarita.

The flavors are not the only thing that is new. GHOST added 150mg VasoDrive AP to help with overall pumps.

We had a chance to try it out before it hit the market! Check out the full video above.

Our flavor reviews:
Strawberry Daiquiri: (9.0/10)
Mango Margarita: (7.2/10)

The new flavors of Legend are available now for $39.99 at Use coupon code INFORMANT to save 20%.

Fitness Informant POV

Interesting flavors. I didn't think I would like the Strawberry Daiquiri as much as I did, but it was very enjoyable. Mango Margarita was interesting and different. I thought I would like it more, but taste is subjective.

GHOST has been doing a great job with collaborations, and Maxx Chewning is a friend of the brand so this just makes 100% sense.

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