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GHOST Launches Sonic Ocean Water For Amino and Legend

Well GHOST certainly keeps us busy, and we have yet ANOTHER launch from GHOST. As the title states, GHOST Sonic Ocean Water is now available in Legend V2, and Amino V2. 

Ocean Water is an authentic collaborated flavor with Sonic, and was actually exclusive to GHOST Gamer. It was very well received there, and because of that it is now available to both Legend V2 and Amino V2. If you don’t know what Ocean Water tastes like, picture a mix of a lemon-lime flavor, paired with a coconut flavor. It is quite tropical and refreshing, and if you like coconut you’ll like this one.

In case you don’t know, GHOST Legend V2 is the updated version of their pre-workout, which has a solid profile and is certainly an upgrade from their original Legend. Amino is an EAA product, which may help with recovery and hydration. 

You can now grab yourself Ocean Water directly from the GHOST website. Be sure to use coupon code INFORMANT to save an additional 20% off.

Use Coupon Code INFORMANT To Save 20%

Final Takeaway

More cool news from the cool brand. We like Ocean Water in Gamer, however we have to admit it is heavier on the coconut side. It goes good with a Sprite Zero actually. We like this, as it is a refreshing flavor that would do well for an intra like Amino. taste tests coming soon! #onesip

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