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Sonic Ocean Water Coming To GHOST Legend and Amino

Give us a break here GHOST, you just keep us busy! Well after the announcement of Bubblicous coming to GHOST Energy, we now have even more news! GHOST Legend V2 and Amino V2 will be getting a new flavor that was once exclusive to GHOST Gamer.

As the title states, Sonic Ocean Water is coming to both their pre-workout Legend, and EAA supplement Amino. Ocean Water is a popular flavor from Sonic, and is a mix of Coconut and Lime. The flavor should do well, especially for Amino, as refreshing flavors are nicer to drink as you workout.

The launch date is set for one 23rd, which is next week! So be sure to stay tuned for info on the launch, as well as more exciting news coming from GHOST.

Final Takeaway

More cool news from the cool brand. We like Ocean Water in Gamer, however we have to admit it is heavier on the coconut side. It goes good with a Sprite Zero actually. We like this, as it is a refreshing flavor that would do well for an intra like Amino. taste tests coming soon! #onesip

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